6 Benefit of garlic

6 Benefit of garlic

Today we’ll discuss on garlic benefits. Nowadays, we are living in a world where getting trapped into some kind of disease is a normal thing. While many kinds of chemicals directly or indirectly are including in our food chain. With day to day busy life, we are not even focussed towards our health.

So keep challenging this world while coping with your health becomes an essential factor these days. To keep this in track, you can either make a routine of what to eat and at what time. In upcoming posts I will post some good eating habits and diet that you can follow and get rid of any digestion problems or diet issue. So let’s began.

Garlic has been there for long in our food. It’s been added to our food to make it more delicious. Without it, specially we Indians can’t even think of. But have you ever thought how much good this small piece of food in our daily life could do difference. Follow our post to know things better about garlic benefits.

6 Benefit of garlic

Is Garlic good for you?

Many guys will think that garlic isn’t a medicine. But if you go for Hindu Veda’s or Ayurveda you will get to know that these small piece of spice that we have been using in our daily food is not just used to make our food taste good but also is a natural remedy to cure many diseases. You can follow up our post content to know more about the garlic benefits that could change your life if you involve it in your daily food routine.

Below are 10 most known Garlic benefits:

1.Helps in Digestion :

If you have suffering from digestion issue or if you are not getting your stomach clean during morning this is one of the best thing that could help you in this situation. I personally tried garlic to get rid of my digestion issue.

6 Benefit of garlic
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  • Get two garlic cloves.
  • Cut them into small pieces.
  • Consumes it in empty stomach

After consuming you will feel some sensation into you food pipe and thereafter to your stomach, even taste will not be good. I know , I know, but remember this will help you in your digestion. After getting into habit for some 1-2 weeks this sensation will be gone.

The science behind this is after consuming it the enzymes contained in garlic will make your intestine walls clear by getting out all the toxins left into your stomach and intestine.

2. Nutrient content :

When it comes to nutrition content it have following nutrients :

  • Manganese
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Selenium
  • Fibre
  • sulphur

Actually it contains almost a bit of all nutrient that our body needs which is best of garlic benefits.

3. Helps in Hair Growth :

You must be familiar with the idea of using onion for hair growth. But you should also that garlic is also helpful in hair growth. Using onion and garlic juices mixed onto your bald patches actually helps in growth of new hairs.

6 Benefit of garlic


  • Get 5 garlic cloves and half cut yellow onion(yellow onion contains high sulphur content)
  • Blend them together or mashed them up and get juice of the mixer using a cotton cloth..
  • Apply the fresh mixture onto you bald scalp.

Due to high sulphur content in garlic and onion which actually helps in hair growth. While using them onto your scalp stimulates your blood circulation onto you head. This adds plus one to garlic benefits. You can also go for yoga apart from using theses external remedies. Follow our other yoga post to get most of this.

4. Helps in pain relief:

Garlic is also known for helping in getting rid of pain. Using garlic with some oil could help you to get even a strong pain out of your body specially muscles sprains.

6 Benefit of garlic
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  • Chop 5 garlic cloves.
  • Put chopped garlic into mustard oil.
  • Boil them up for 5 minutes till garlic gets brownish in colour.
  • Cool down the oil till it gets mild hot.
  • Use this at the paining body part.

Use this for some days on the paining area, and you will feel the pain gone from the first use.

5. Helps in Controlling blood pressure :

Due high sulphur content which has compound of allicin,diallyl disulfide,diallyl trisulphide and many more. Allicin which is actually responsible for garlic pungent odour. consuming daily garlic into your food could actually helps in lowering down or controlling the blood pressure.

6 Benefit of garlic

6. Reducing Fat

You must have known the fact of burning fat with honey and lemon in empty stomach. But garlic too helps in fat loss if it’s used with honey.

6 Benefit of garlic
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  • Chop 3-5 garlic cloves.
  • Mix the chopped garlic with honey.
  • Used this for some weeks in empty stomach.


Thanks for reading our post. Please do comment and let us know for any queries.