7 Detox water for weight loss

7 Detox water for weight loss

Hey guys, hope you guys doing great. Today we gonna discuss on Detox drink for weight loss. Let it be summer or even daily life water is an important element for our body. Our body contains more than 70 percent of body volume. Well it is said to drink 3-4 litres of water every day. But sometimes it become hard to follow this. Water helps in detoxifying bad elements from our body through sweat or urine.

Detoxing body is done by body as  a part of  clarifying the toxins from body. But sometimes our body needs help from us to make it work more appropriately. Drinking water is essential for our good skin skin and hair. But we know when we are asked to drink 3-4 litres of water a day, could maybe a boring task. Adding certain ingredients to our water not only gives it a refreshing taste and unique taste.But works to cleanse and detox our system. Detox water can be used in many forms, let it be used for clear skin, weight loss or flatten your tummy.

Following detox recipe aren’t meant to replace your work out. They only works best with healthy diet and regular fitness routine, and will help you reach your goal for a healthy and clear skin. Citrus fruits like lemon and grapefruits gets rid of toxins from your body and also boosts metabolism. Other popular ingredients in detox water recipes is apple cider vinegar. It promotes weight loss by helping with digestion, and detoxes your gut for a healthier looking skin.


Slim Down  drink(Skinny Mom) Detox Drink For Weight Loss

7 Detox water for weight loss

If your are looking to shed a few pounds the this detox water is perfect for you ! It contains only 7 calories per 8 oz glass,zero sugar and lots of vitamins. Cucumber help our body to release water and grapefruits are rich in enzymes that helps to burn fat. It also cleanse our system and boosts your metabolism.

Lemon Berry Flush Fat Spa (Not Quite Vegan) Detox Drink For Weight Loss

7 Detox water for weight loss

Infused water really does conjure up thoughts of relaxing spa days, isn’t it. With lots of high antioxidant berries and lemons to detox. Lemon contains Vitamin C which helps in burn down the fat from your body. This detox water works hard to banish fat.

Fat Burning Drink (Raining Hot Coupons)  Detox Drink For Weight Loss

7 Detox water for weight loss

Slim down with this fat burning mixture. Apple cider vinegar helps with digestion and speeds up your metabolism, promoting weight loss. Cinnamon also boosts you metabolism and curbs food cravings so you won’t be snacking throughout the day.

 Watermelon Drink(loveandconfections) Detox Drink For Weight Loss

7 Detox water for weight loss

First of all, do you guys like watermelon?

It’s really an awesome fruit that have bunch of water content.

One of the great nutrients that it contains is lycopene. It’s a strong antioxidant that helps to decrease inflammation. There are also amino acids hidden in this juicy melon that help with blood flow.

We should definitely have this on combined it with some water to get best of all worlds.

Raspberry and Mint Scented (sammyandbella) Detox Drink For Weight Loss

7 Detox water for weight loss

In this awesome water, we get to combine raspberry and mint. Two things with an amazing amount of benefits. The raspberries have cleansing properties while the mint helps relieve stress.

Combined you have a superhero flavor team that aids in both digestion and losing weight.

Detox ‘Spa’ Cucumber (theskinnyfork) Detox Drink For Weight Loss

7 Detox water for weight loss

If you go to a spa and they don’t have cucumber water then you aren’t at a spa.

Cucumber has a lot of re-hydrating properties but since you want a bit more flavour than the vegetable provides you get to add some lemon and mint. Mint helps in making you stress-less and lemon acts as a fat burner.

If you want to feel like you are a walking spa then make this water and carry it around with you.

Naturally Flavoured Drink(natashaskitchen) Detox Drink For Weight Loss

7 Detox water for weight loss

Packed with strawberries, lemon, and a handful of basil, this naturally flavoured detox water would keep you refreshed and help you burn calories.

SKINNY  Drink(budgetsavvydiva) Detox Drink For Weight Loss

7 Detox water for weight loss

This drink is super refreshing. It contains lemon and lime which would be natural energisers and help you boost your metabolism. Grapefruit and Cucumber add a lit bit of sweetness and refreshing taste.

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7 Detox water for weight loss

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