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5 Most Effective Yoga Poses For Back Pain

by Navaneet Kumar

Back pain is one of the most common problems in recent years. This is mostly due to sitting in wrong posture or sitting prolonged in same position for hours or walking in wrong posture. Well all these could result in back pain. You should not ignore these problems as ignoring these for long could create a serious problem and could convert into some disease issue.

Well whatever is the issue is , we have a solution for all these. The most prominent thing one should go for is ‘yoga’. Yeah apart from these you those also try some home remedies. You can read out my other post for more details on this. If you are serious in making all your pain go you should start practising these yoga poses regularly. 

Note: Take advice of your health doctor before implementing any of these. Please read out our disclaimer for more information.

So we should start our discussion on this topic and see how bad a back pain could go and what are the remedies one should try to cure these.

Reasons for Back Pain

  • Sitting prolonged in same position :

    This happens mostly to working group of people who used to do their job while sitting in front of their computer.

  • Walking with wrong posture :

    This happens to people who don’t give a damn on there walking style as ignoring this could also could cause back pain.

  • Lifting heavy weights in gym :

    If your are going to gym and lift heavy weights ,try to be cautious while lifting weights since lifting heavy weights in wrong way could pull your muscles and could lead to a life long pain.

Apart from these there could be many more reasons why you may be having back pain.

To counter these one should get consult from their doctor and as prescribed they should start following. If pain is not much or it’s in starting period or situation hasn’t worsen then you should go for some exercises like yoga.

Start practicing the right way to sit and walk and lift things. Be aware when you do any activity because muscle sprain could give you a life long problem.

How you can avoid back pain

  • Start walking in a correct posture :

    While it has been seen, many people are still not focussed on how they walk. One should walk with his/her back straight.

  • Sleeping without pillows or with soft pillows :

    You should also go for pillows which at not hard or which are not high enough so that your neck could not adjust with your body. While sleeping head and body should come in straight line else problem could persist. Apart from this if you try not to use pillows and sleep that could help more.

  • Avoid sitting for prolonged time :

    If you are from working group which do work while sitting for long at one place, you should try to get up and think of your body too. Sitting in a right posture i.e. straight is one thing but sitting for long time could make problem worse. Try to leave your seat every 20-30 minutes from your desk and roam somewhere at your office premises for avoiding any of these things.

  • Be cautious while lifting weights at gym :

    If you go to gym and lift heavy weights, try to get focus on lifting weights in right manner, get help from trainer and don’t lift weight more than what you cannot lift.

5 Basic Yoga poses for back pain


1.Sarvasana yoga pose(Markatasana Pose 1)


  1. Lye on the ground on your back with your hands and legs close to your body.
  2. Now lift you right leg at 90 degree(If you can’t do how much you can) slowly while inhaling and hold for some 3-5 seconds.
  3. Now lie down your right leg while exhaling and raise your left leg at 90 degree slowly and hold for 3-5 seconds.

Follow this for 5 minutes.


  • Helps in curing lower back pain from first time itself.
  • Helps in making lower back muscles stronger

2. Ardha PawanMukasana


  • Lie down in sarvasana with your legs spread in parallel to your hips.
  • Fold your right leg while exhaling and hold with your both hands and bring to your chest so that it could touch your chest. While doing this your both knees should be facing away from body and don’t lift your head too.
  • After holding for some 3-5 seconds in same position inhale and put back your right leg to initial position and fold your left leg while exhaling hand bring back it to your chest while holding with your both hands.
  • After getting back to normal pose, fold both your legs and hold with your hand while exhaling and pull it towards your chest so as it touches your chest.
  • Repeat these steps sequentially  for 5 minutes to get benefits from it.


  • Helps in curing lower back pain.

3. Markatasana pose 2


  • While lying in sarvasana, spread your hands to level of shoulders sideways pal should face upwards.
  • Fold both the legs , knee and toes of both legs joined together.
  • While inhaling you have to turn your legs to the right side and simultaneously turn your neck towards left side lungs filled with air.
  • Come back to same position a while exhaling and repeat same step 3 for other side.
  • Try to do it for 3-5 minutes.


  • Helps in curing lower back pain.

4. Markatasana pose 3


  • While lying in sarvasana, with your both hands spread apart sideways, palm facing upwards, raise your right leg as much you can.
  • Bring your raised leg towards left side while inhaling(try to touch left on the ground)while simultaneously turning neck the opposite direction.
  • Bring leg towards initial position and exhale and do same with other leg.

Note: People with slip disc or bad back problem should raise legs as much as they could.


  • Helps in curing lower back pain.

5. Markatasana(Crocodile yoga pose)


  • Lie down onto your stomach.
  • Raise your head and pal of your both hands below your chin, with help of folded hands make a stand, elbows should be joined together.
  • Keep your feet’s joined together.
  • Fold one of your leg from the knee while breathing normally and bring it towards your hip so that toe touches your hip portion and then put back to it’s normal position.
  • Repeat the same with other leg.
  • Do it for 5-10 minutes.


  • Helps in back pain.
  • Helps in good functioning of spinal cord.
  • Subsides the pain of lower back pain plus knee too.

Apart from above mentioned Yoga poses , you should also massage your back with olive oil or mustard oil. We have a post on “How to make pain go with mustard oil and garlic”.

Thanks for reading the post. Please do comment for any queries or write us for any help.


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