Why is one eyebrow higher than the other? How to fix it?

Most of us don’t have symmetrical eyebrows. But we always long for ones that have a better shape, length, and arch that would suit our face. Obviously healthy and beautiful eyebrows enhance our look and add to our personality.

The most common question that comes to your mind is-

Why is one eyebrow higher than the other? How to fix it?

This can be due to several reasons such as uneven plucking, hair loss, weaker muscles on one side, the difference in bone muscles, etc. It can be set right by a number of methods which can be by medications or cosmetic procedures.

Reasons due to which one eyebrow is higher than the other

There can be several reasons for the difference in position and appearance of both eyebrows. The most common ones are discussed below-

1. Uneven plucking or overplucking

We tend to give our eyebrows the required shape or remove the excess hair by waxing, plucking, or squeezing. One can often disrupt the shape of the eyebrows while doing so.

Most people begin by removing hair from the tail and the outline and continue to do so to get a perfect shape. This leaves the shape of both the eyebrows uneven and unequal due to which one eyebrow appears higher than the other.

2. Hair Loss

Hair Loss can happen in both men and women as a consequence of increasing age or due to the deficiency of certain nutrients. Hair loss can occur from any part of the body including eyebrows.

It may be possible that one of the eyebrows loses more hair than the other one which can make one eyebrow look higher than the other.

3. Weakening of the muscles

Muscles are present near the eyebrows and in the forehead. The muscles below the eyebrows are fan-shaped and called corrugators while muscles of the forehead are called the front tails.

The muscles on the side of one of the eyebrows may become weaker due to an accident or improper sleeping postures. Sleeping for long hours while smashing your eyebrows over a rough surface can weaken the muscles of that side.

Hair growth and shape of the eyebrows are thus affected.

This is another reason why eyebrows on one side can appear higher than the other.

4. Alteration in the bones

Along with the muscles, bones are also present in the forehead and under the eyebrows. The bones on both sides can be altered by accidents or any other factor such as some surgery etc.

The eyebrows preside over the bones. If the structure of the bones is altered, the structure or shape of the eyebrows would also be altered.

This can be a reason due to which one eyebrow appears higher than the other.

5. Improper sleeping posture

If you continuously sleep on one side of the face for long hours, especially smashing your face into a rough surface, the eyebrows can be affected.

This is because the hair of the eyebrows on that side will experience more pressure and start to rub off. It can also cause wrinkles which can affect the skin texture on that side.

This will affect the manner of growth of eyebrows on that side and one of the eyebrows will be higher than the other.

6. The difference in the hair growth on both sides

The extent of hair growth or the way hair grows on both eyebrows can be different.

This is quite a common reason why one eyebrow is higher than the other.

For example, the hair can grow straight along the hairline on one of the eyebrows while it can grow towards the bone tail on the other eyebrow.

What to do if one eyebrow is higher than the other?

There can be several ways to fix this. You should choose the one most suitable for you. The most common ways are described below-

1. Wait for a few days

One eyebrow looks higher than the other most commonly as a result of overplucking. It is advisable to wait for a few days till the hair comes back. Some gels and oils can also be used which promote hair growth.

The hair on the eyebrows will grow faster and denser by their application and the eyebrows will look even after some days.

2. Seek advice from a Doctor

If excessive hair loss occurs from the eyebrows, you should consult a doctor.

They usually recommend ointments or gels which can restore the chemistry of hair growth.

Oral treatments in the form of tablets or capsules can also be recommended by the doctor after looking at the nature and extent of hair loss.

3. Cosmetics procedures or surgeries

If the muscles get weakened or modified, they can be set by eyebrow physiotherapy in which movements are made by the professionals to strengthen and correct the muscles.

If the muscles on one side are frozen, cosmetic treatment is given by injections which relax the muscles and restores their shape and structure.

This makes the eyebrows look even.

In some cases, an injection is given on both sides to ensure the regularity of both eyebrows.

4. Applying Make-up

Properly applied makeup adds fullness to the eyebrows. An eyebrow pencil is commonly used to shape the eyebrows according to one another.

Apart from this, there are several products available in the market which could fix this purpose such as color wands, eyebrow mascara, brow powder, eyebrow highlighters, etc.

Having asymmetrical eyebrows is completely normal. It’s natural to have your eyebrows uneven, maybe because God made us so as a part of the body. However, complete asymmetry is a cause of concern and should be looked into. There are procedures available to correct the same.