Why do men have longer eyelashes than women?

Ever wondered why your man has beautiful lashes and you have to try various products and tools to get that longer fuller eyelash. It can be really annoying to be busy doing your lashes and then having a look at your man who washes his face with dish soap and still lives with a shiny long eyelash.

Feels like pulling each of his hair strands but wait we won’t recommend you that, do it at your own risk! lol

Before saying anything, I would like to make it clear to you that none of the features is ever related to femininity or masculinity. It depends on your genes, body, diet, and a lot more factors.

Secondly, lighter hair or eyelashes doesn’t make you any less we all are beautiful in our own way.

Being a female, it always makes us curious to know why do I have longer eyelashes than women?

Men can grow more hair than women which makes their eyelashes and eyebrows look fuller and longer. However not every man has a longer eyelash. The size of eyelashes varies from person to person.

Earlier the main role of the eyelashes was to protect eyes from dust and sweat but as time evolved it became a measure of beauty.

Fuller eyelashes started being considered beautiful and then with the help of technology people could get fuller lashes by various techniques which hyped up the craze of longer lashes.

Why do men have longer eyelashes?

It is always a question of why women want long eyelashes and why men have longer lashes. Kim Kardashian and other celebs have already given the answer for why women love long lashes but why do men have longer eyelashes is still unanswerable.

A lot of factors are features which we will talk about later in detail. Men all together grow more hair than women in general which simply makes their eyelashes longer too. The reason for more hair growth is Androgen. Women produce less Androgenic hair than males and for that reason, males are hairier than females.

However, there is no proof that only men have longer lashes, females too have longer lashes and similarly, men also have lighter lashes.

Some scientists claim that in history men were supposed to hunt and work in dust.

They had to stay in an unexpected environment and eyelashes acted as a protective gear for their eyes and thus, they had long eyelashes. So, stay calm darlings! It was not to make you all jealous.

What factors determine the length of lashes?

There are a lot of factors that determine the length of lashes including your habitat, diet, and genes. Let’s have a look at them.

Genetic reasons

Most of our facial features, the growth of the body, and skin color are a result of genes. I adapted these features from our parents. So, if a male has longer eyelashes it can be mostly because of his genes.

Eyelashes start to grow in the mother’s womb and the mother’s hormone during pregnancy can actually decide the length of your eyelashes. However, in so many cases eyelashes are not as similar as parents’.


The main reason for the growth of any body hair is dependent on the hormones your body produces. Biologically, men produce more hormones that initiate the growth of hair than men.

In some cases, it can prove it wrong as well.

If you start losing your hair suddenly then a reduction in the number of hormones is one of the reasons for that.


A healthy diet can influence the length of your body’s hair.

Eating proteins, vitamins, and minerals result in long and shiny eyelashes. People consuming avocadoes, mushrooms, eggs, and fish are found to have longer lashes than the one who don’t.


Your lifestyle has a great role in deciding how your eyelashes are going to be.

If you have a rough lifestyle then you may not have perfect eyelashes but on the other hand, if you live a lavish and hygienic lifestyle your lashes will be longer and shiny.


Age is an important factor in deciding the length of your hair.

The eyelash may fall out and grow back smaller or not even grow again when you grow old while as a child you may have extremely long lashes.