Why are eyelash extensions painful? How to avoid?

Voluminous and lengthy eyelashes can change the look of an entire face. And there are three ways you can use to achieve that enhanced look: wearing mascara, falsies, or eyelash extension.

But applying mascara and falsies on a regular basis can be a struggle. This is why getting an eyelash extension is in high demand.

Why are eyelash extensions painful?

In some situations, people experience pain while getting the extension or after the process. Some of the causes that lead to this result include improper application, too long extensions, intensely rubbing them, picking or trying to remove them by yourself, or the type of lash glue used. However, painful eyelash extensions are not normal as they should not hurt.

The process of applying extension involves gluing each extension one at a time on top of your individual natural lashes to accomplish a natural and elongated look.

The set of the extension will last for around three to four weeks, after which they will start to fall off as the glue’s adhesive strength becomes weak.

Why Lash Extensions Hurt During the Appointment?

Signs of discomfort you need to look out for during the appointment to understand something is wrong with the lash extension process are a stinging sensation on your eyelids, tugging feeling on your lash line, or any other types of irritation.

Here are the reasons why it is hurting during the procedure –

Unskilled technician

Since eyes are a sensitive area, any mistake or improper technique can lead to irritation during the extension process, making the experience painful.

It often happens with poor craftsmanship, whether it’s during the step of applying the extension or curing the glue.

If by mistake, they attach the glue to your eyelids instead of your lashes, it will irritate your lids and cause pain.

Furthermore, when the lash tape is applied beyond the waterline instead of its border, it can hurt your eyes.

Low-quality products

It’s important to get your extensions done from a well-reputed salon as they will use high-quality products.

Applying poor quality lash products will cause eye irritations and lead to other adverse reactions.

Whether it’s the extensions, primers, cleanser, tapes, or any other products required during the treatment, they should be of proper quality and well-maintained.

Opening eyes in the middle of the procedure

Your eyes should remain closed throughout the entire process.

If you happen to open them in the middle of the treatment, especially when the technician has just applied the lash glue and is not cured yet, you will face irritations and other serious consequences.


During the treatment, if you feel any sort of discomfort or irritation, your eyes may start tearing up.

But this will cause the lash glue to polymerize at a quicker pace, leading to untimely falling off of the extensions during the process.


Why Lash Extensions Hurt After the Appointment?

Due to various reasons, your eyelash extensions may hurt after the appointment.

Symptoms of such include lash line itchiness, swollen eyes, twisted eyelashes after the first wash, or a heavy feeling on your lashes.

The top reasons that can lead to this cause are –

Wrong extension type

If the choice of extension is incorrect, it can become a reason for the discomfort after the appointment.

The lash extension length should not be too long than your natural lash and must have a similar thickness and shape.

If it’s too heavy or curly, your lash will feel a burden on its top that it isn’t accustomed to, which then gives rise to irritation.

Poor adhesion

The extensions should be properly glued to each of your individual lashes.

It will cause irritation and even permanent damage to your eyelids and natural lashes if it isn’t so.

Plus, if you use too much glue, it will lead to a chemical burn in your eyes, which can even turn bloodshot red from the reaction.

Poor cleaning

Improper cleaning routine can have a direct impact on your lash line and cause pain.

If you wear eye makeup on a daily basis, whether it’s mascara or eyeshadow, and forget to remove it at the day’s end, the product’s residue will start to accumulate on the hair follicles of your lash line.

This will lead to diseases taking place around your eyelashes and cause pain and discomfort.

Forceful removal of the extension

The lash glue used during the application of the extensions has a similar strength to a superglue, meaning it has a strong adhesive property.

If you try to pluck or remove them on your own, it will bring severe pain and discomfort to your eyes.

In fact, you shouldn’t do anything that might move or disturb the extensions. Let it fall off on its own.

In case of premature removal, professionals use a special product design for the eyelash extensions to remove them.


What to Do When Lash Extensions Hurts?

If your eyelash extensions are hurting, you can get rid of the pain and fix the issue.

For first-timers, you may feel a little discomfort on the first day, but then it will reside.

However, if it stays and is hurting your lashes, you must get in touch with the lash technician.

First, they will analyze the problem and determine where the problem lies.

Then, if required, they will get the extensions removed for you. But, if the situation gets worse, it is advisable to visit an eye doctor.