When you shave your eyebrows do they grow back thicker?

We all know about the variety of face razors available in the market. Various brands have launched face razors that specialize in different razors for different parts of the face such as eyebrows, upper lips, forehead, etc. These offer a painless procedure for the removal of hair.

A question that comes to the mind of most people is-

When you shave your eyebrows do they grow back thicker?

No, removing the hair by the use of a razor does not change the nature, thickness, or rate of growth. The hair that grows back usually has a blunt tip unlike the tapered end of natural hair, which may appear rough for some time. They might appear thicker but actually, they are not, it is just the blunt tips that feel so.


What is the difference between waxing and shaving your eyebrows?

Waxing is the removal of eyebrow hair by the use of waxes. The heated wax is placed on the part from where hair is to be removed which freezes on cooling. It is pulled off with the help of a thin cloth.

The hair that regrows after waxing is feathery with a tapered edge. It also removes the hair follicles which are left during plucking.

Shaving is usually done by the use of a facial razor and is a completely painless procedure.

Shaving detaches the hair from hair follicles.

The hair that regrows after shaving has a blunt end due to which they appear coarse. They may appear hard and thick because of the blunt ends but are actually not.


How to correctly shave your eyebrows?

It is completely safe to shave your eyebrows. But as we know that the skin around the eyes is delicate and needs care, so one needs to be extra cautious while using a razor on the eyebrows.

It is advised not to keep the razor straight on your brows and use it by keeping at an angle. Besides giving the eyebrows a perfect shape, it is extremely important to remove extra hair from your eyebrows to maintain eye hygiene.

These often have dirt or oil trapped between them that needs to be removed.

Shaving can remove them without feeling any pain.

  • Before you start shaving, choose a razor that is made just for eyebrows with small blades.
  • Apply a small amount of shaving cream or a lightweight moisturizer on the skin around the eyebrows. This would hydrate the skin for easy removal of hair.
  • Gently pull and expand the eyebrows to get a close look at your eyebrows with your non-dominant hand.
  • Start shaving your eyebrows with the dominant hand on the lower side.
  • Use the razor in the same direction as the direction of the growth of hair. It is not advised to use the razor in the direction opposite to the direction of hair growth.
  • Look into the mirror repeatedly while you shave your eyebrows to check your progress. This would protect extra hair from shedding off.
  • Wash your face after you finish shaving to clean the removed here.

Advantages of shaving your eyebrows

Painless Procedure

Shaving is completely painless as compared to other procedures such as threading, plucking, waxing, etc. The hair is removed from the surface rather than the roots.

The person feels no pain while a razor is being moved on the eyebrows and is thus comfortable to use.

Saves parlor expenses

One can shave the eyebrows on her own. There is no need to go for professional help for shaving the eyebrows unlike threading or other methods.

This saves the cost of professional help and one can shave them as per her own time and comfort. One can shave the eyebrows at any time of the day at home.

Quick and easy

Shaving the eyebrows is a quick and easy procedure. It generally takes a few minutes to shave your eyebrows.

You may find it difficult and time-consuming when you use it for the first time, but once you get used to shaving your eyebrows it would hardly take 2-3 minutes.

No immediate redness or itchiness

Since the hair is removed from the surface rather than the hair follicles, the body does not react much to it.

No immediate redness or itchiness associated with pain is observed after shaving.


Disadvantages of shaving your eyebrows

Propulsion of hair bumps

The hair is detached from its place of origin, that is, the hair follicles upon shaving. The skin underneath is not used to this process which resists the action by forming hair bumps. The skin there may feel rough due to this.

Razor Rash

Some people develop razor rashes upon its use. It can lead to hyperpigmentation in the area around the eyebrows. This may be due to the use of a wrong razor or not using it correctly.


Allergies can be developed in the area of the eyebrows by the use of a razor. The razors are made of metals and they can be allergic to some. It is therefore important to choose your razor wisely according to your skin type.


Using a razor for a longer time on the eyebrows can wither off the natural upper layer of skin.

This can cause scars in the region which is a result of both inflammations and shaving. Often, scarring happens in the hair follicles and it also leads to thinning of the eyebrow hair.

It is therefore important to use the right type of razor correctly.


There are several tools available for shaving eyebrows other than razors. Razor is easy and quick to use and completely painless. Shaving does not grow back thicker hair, it is just a myth. They appear rough due to the blunt ends. It depends from person to person which method to use.