When do babies eyelashes grow?

The growth of a baby starts from the mother’s womb. A lot of features are developed inside a mother while some of them grow after their birth. The human body grows every day and at every age.

Some babies are born with hair all over their bodies where some babies are born bald, mind me both of the cases are completely normal.

Many Babies grow the hair on their heads and body inside their mothers.

When do babies grow eyelashes?

The eyelashes are hardly visible when the child is born but it grows darker with time.
Remember! Every child is different in its way, some may have darker hair which may turn light, on the other hand, the child born with very light hair may turn darker.


Importance of eyelashes in babies

You must be curious about why babies have in-born eyelashes and what is the importance of that tiny little particle. But to your surprise, it is a very protective hair for babies. You should also take care of it.

Act as a protective shield

A child is not aware of what is dangerous for their eyes.

Eyelashes act as a guard and protect their eyes. Anytime a dust particle, a sharp object, or even their little finders come in contact with their eyelashes.

It sends the signal to the brain as a reflex action. The eyelids are closed.

Give the signal for health

Eyelashes can be a mirror of babies’ health. Loss of eyelashes is a symptom of low immunity. Whenever you see some sign, rush to the doctor.

Protects from sun damage

Eyelashes act as a cover when sunlight tries to enter the eyes. It protects the child from harmful UV rays which can damage the eyes.

Keep the unwanted particles away

Because of the curved shape of the eyelashes, they prevent harmful elements and unwanted particles like sweat from entering the eyes.

Maintains moisture in the eyes

You must have seen camels; they have long eyelashes. The reason behind them is that eyelashes created a barrier between the air and the eye. It doesn’t let tear evaporate from the yeast and keeps it moist even in low temperatures.


Growth of eyelashes

Eyelashes grow throughout life just like the hair on our head. They fall off after 3 months and they grow again in no time. Continuous and rapid fall of eyelashes might be an indication of health problems.

Just like any other body hair, eyelashes also grow inside a mother’s womb generally after 20 weeks.

Babygrow upper eyelashes first and then the lower one. Lashes might be very light and not visible to a human eye, but trust me they grow darker with time.

In some cases, babies are born without the eyelashes just like some babies who are born bald.

It can be a result of low hormones in the mother during pregnancy which delays the growth of the hair.

In most cases, the follicle is present but the eyelashes have not grown.

These are some common incidents and hair grows eventually. If you want to be sure about it you can anytime visit a pediatrician for help.


Why does my baby not have eyelashes?

The first thing to remember is that your baby is still beautiful.

However, babies grow eyelashes inside a mother’s womb but, In Most cases, the baby is born without the eyelashes.

It can be a result of low hormones in the mother during pregnancy which delays the growth of the hair. In most cases, the follicle is present but the eyelashes have not grown.

It was found in many cases that the hair was so small that it was not visible to the parents. You just need a little bit of patience and with time it will be easily visible to you.

In other cases where the child took longer than 30 weeks to grow its eyelashes was when it was born premature. In a premature child, it is very common to see such effects.

Increasing the number of minerals like Zinc, biotin, and iron will boost up the growth.


How to protect your baby’s eyelashes?

Every part of your baby is very delicate, and when it comes to eyelashes, they are the most sensitive part of your baby’s body.

Even though they act as protective gear for the eye, they need to be protected.

Here are some ways to protect them –

  • Do not use products that claim for longer and faster growth. Stay away from such products. These products can harm your baby’s eye.
  • Keep an eye on your child! Eyelashes can get damaged due to trauma or burn.
  • Keep a check on babies as babies love to pick up random things which can damage their eyelashes.
  • Feeding the baby with breastmilk will make its eyelashes grow faster.
  • Buy some cool baby glasses and make sure your baby wears them when you step out in the sun or a dusty place.


What can a person do if they are born without eyelashes?

There are many people whose eyelashes never grow. You don’t have to be disheartened and thank the technology because of which everything is possible.

There are several ways to fake your brows or to even have one just have a look: –

Eyelashes grafts

Eyebrow grafts can help you create an illusion of you having thicker and fuller eyelashes.

Wearing false lashes

False lashes are worn with or without eyelashes. They make your eyes look beautiful. It can give you a natural look. The only drawback to this is that they are not durable at all.

Eyelash transplant

Eyelash transplant is very effective but it can cost you more than you think. It is very durable and grows out of natural eyelashes.