What to use for wetting eyeshadow?

Eyeshadows are an integral part of eye makeup without which a party or formal look is incomplete. We all have heard about the variety of eyeshadows in terms of color, texture, type etc. The one that is the most in use and trending nowadays is wet eyeshadow.

But the question is-

What to use for wetting eyeshadow?

A wet shadow can be achieved just by sprinkling the makeup brush with water. For this, face mists or mixing mediums can be used to brighten the colors of the eyeshadow. It is extremely important that the eyes are properly moisturized. The mixing mediums used should have a cream formula.

Why is a wet eyeshadow used?

When an eyeshadow is applied in its wet form or the skin is moist while applying an eyeshadow, it is called a wet eyeshadow. It is one of the most favorite types of eyeshadows used by people today.

It makes the colors appear brighter that enhances the look of the makeup and beautifies the eyes. Either the eyeshadow has to be wet or the eyelids have to be wet.

The powdered and talc eyeshadows are commonly available in the market that can be converted into a wet form. The cream-based and liquid-based eyeshadows reduce this task of conversion into a wet form as they already have a high moisture content.

The powdered forms can also be applied to the cream or liquid eyeshadows to give them a glittery, glossy, and bright look.


Disadvantages of wetting an eyeshadow

The wet eyeshadow enhances the look of the eye makeup, but it also has several disadvantages. The common disadvantages are given below-

1. Cannot be used on the lower part of the eye

The wet eyeshadow can only be used on the crease of the eye and not in the part under the eyes.

This is because they have a crepe texture that makes the eyes look older. It gives a somewhat wrinkled appearance to the eyes.

2. The appearance of harder texture after sometime

The wet eyeshadow looks smooth and metallic in its texture when applied. But after some time it begins to get harder as the water gets absorbed.

The eyeshadow starts getting dried and looks hard to the viewer as well as the wearer. This is a disadvantage as it alters its look over time.

3. Reduction in the pigmentation of the wet eyeshadow

The eyeshadow becomes less pigmented after it is worn for some time.

It starts to decrease its pigmentation properties as soon as the water or moisture begins to evaporate.

The colors are thus expected to reduce and fade over time.

4. Often creates an awful look

One does not have an idea how a certain color would look once it is direct as the wet and dried forms of some color shades are different.

Color can look bright and beautiful when applied after being wet and the same can come up to a fade and less profound color as the moisture begins to evaporate.

Therefore, it may go out of the flavors and create an awful look.

5. Chances of bacterial growth

The products that are wet or remain wet when applied to the skin are known to promote bacterial growth.

This increases the risk of skin inflammations and infections. It is thus very important to let the skin and the eyeshadow completely dry.


Things to know before you wet an eyeshadow

1. Do not use drops of water directly on the eyeshadow. Instead, slightly damp a brush that you are going to use to apply the eyeshadow. Make sure that the brush does not drip.

2. While using a moisturizer or an eyeshadow cream before applying the eyeshadow, make sure that it is completely absorbed into the skin. The eyes must look and feel clean and dry. This prevents the growth of bacteria and reduces the risk of infection.

3. Check the shades of the eyeshadow in both dry and wet forms. Some colors give a different appearance and shape when wet and dried. This can make you go out of look if the color of the eyeshadow changes after being dried. It is thus very important to check the colors in both forms before actually applying them.


How to wet your eyeshadow at home easily?

Many of us do not go to parlors or makeup artists for basic makeup. And now when wet eyeshadows are trending, we must know how to prepare one at our home from the already available products.

So, here are the simple and straight four steps on the procedure of wetting the eyeshadow at home.

  1. Most of us use powdered eyeshadow and that is already available with us. Take the required amount of powdered and pigmented eyeshadow on an eye brush.
  2. Now, you need to slightly dampen the brush. You may use a spray bottle to sprinkle some water on the pigmented brush. A setting spray can also be used that preserves the wet eyeshadow on the eyes for a long time. It is important that the setting spray is safe for the eyes and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  3. Apply the wet and pigmented brush to your eyelids smoothly with slow movements. You may blend two or more colors to get the desired look and result.
  4. Do not forget to re-sprinkle some water on the makeup brush when the brush is not damp anymore. It is necessary to wet your brush again and again when using a wet eyeshadow.

Choosing the correct tools

Which product or eyeshadow to buy?

You can buy any eyeshadow in powdered, baked, or talc form. However, it is recommended to buy an eyeshadow that has a label of ‘wet-to-dry eyeshadow’.

These eyeshadows do not commonly harden over time or lose moisture easily. The ones with straight pigments are the best to use.

Which brush to use?

Not all brushes can give a perfect eyeshadow look after being damped. Do not use a brush with stiff bristles as it is harder to control and leaves strokes of the shadow.

Blender brushes are recommended to be used while using a wet eyeshadow. This brush has a feathery duster. This takes up the right amount of the eyeshadow required and blends it evenly to the eyelids.

Which liquid to use?

The use of any sort of eyedrops, liquid mediums, water, or any chemical directly on the eyeshadow or the eyes is not recommended.

\This damages the nature of the product as well as the base makeup of the eyes.

It is always the brush that needs to be wet after being thoroughly cleaned and dried for the first use of color.


It is always good to follow the ongoing trends as is that of the use of wet eyeshadow. One just needs to be aware of the product being used and make sure that it is devoid of harmful ingredients. Also, the method of using, its pros and cons must be already clear in the user’s mind.