What are the different ways to darken the eyelashes without mascara?

Most people want to intensify their eyelashes so that they look good. Mascara is used for the same which thickens, darkens, and lengthens the eyelashes, giving it an intensified look. A mascara is chemically made so people avoid using it.

Now the question that arises is –

What are the different ways to darken the eyelashes without mascara?

The eyelashes can be given a darker, thicker, and intensified look even without mascara. This can be one application of olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, egg yolk, etc. These are the natural which permanently make the eyelashes look better.

Why do people wish to switch from mascara?

Mascara is a chemically derived makeup product which when applied on the eyelashes lengthens and darkens them.

1. A mascara normally doesn’t weaken the eyelashes but regular use can lead to the weakening of the hair follicles on the eyelashes.

2. It is advised to remove mascara when the purpose is over. Removing can be hard on the eyelashes due to which they may fall off. This reduces their number and they become thin when mascara is not applied.

3. Also, certain chemicals if present in mascara would lead to thinning and weakening of the eyelashes. E.g. petroleum-based chemicals, coal tar, parabens, retinyl Acetate, wax, silicon, etc.

These are added to improve the quality of mascara by making it waterproof or adding colors to it. But these chemicals are very harsh on the eyelashes.

4. Mascara is a temporary way to darken eyelashes. People want options that can permanently darken them without the use of harsh chemicals.


Ways of darkening the eyelashes without using mascara

Eyelashes can be darkened even without the use of mascara by the application of some natural products, most commonly plant-based oils. These darken the eyelashes over time and do not need to be removed.

There are no side effects even if these products stay on the eyelashes. There is no rough rubbing needed to remove them.

Some of the natural methods for darkening the eyelashes is related to the use of the following natural products-

1. Olive Oil

Applying olive oil with the help of a smooth brush every night darkens the eyelashes and gives them strength.

They are rich in fatty acids such as oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, etc.

The fatty acids are known to promote the growth of hair follicles healthily. It softens the eyelashes and provides proper conditioning to them.

2. Castor Oil

This oil comes in the category of vegetable oils. Being derived from the bean of castor trees, castor oil is extremely nourishing for the hair of the eyelashes.

Regular application of castor oil thickens and darkens the eyelashes and they grow longer.

Clean the eyelashes before applying and dip a cotton dab in castor oil.

Apply it regularly before you sleep and wash it off in the morning for best results.

3. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is a natural moisturizer that conditions the hair well. Softly apply petroleum jelly with your fingers on the eyelashes before going to bed and wash off in the morning.

It is advised to apply petroleum jelly even on the eyelids and the hair follicles of the eyelashes.

These keep the surrounding area hydrated and nourish the hair follicles for the healthy growth of eyelashes.

One can see the results within 3 weeks of regular use.

4. Green Tea

Green Tea contains flavonoids which promote the growth of hair and increase their length.

It can thus lengthen the eyelashes and increase their growth. Green Tea also contains a rich amount of B -Vitamins that strengthen the hair follicles of the eyelashes.

This gives the eyelashes the required strength.

Dip a cotton ball in green tea and gently apply it to your eyelashes.

5. Almond oil mixed with egg yolk

Almond is a rich source of vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E. All these vitamins promote hair growth and darken their color.

Egg Yolk is rich in keratin, a protein that stimulates the growth of hair follicles and strengthens the roots of the hair. This promotes hair growth. Also, it is rich in biotin which helps in darkening the eyelashes.

Mix almond oil and egg yolk in equal quantities to form an eyelash mask. Apply it any time of the day and wash it off after an hour. Regular use gives the best and long term results.

6.  Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a readily available plant that is found in the homes of many people as well. It is easy to extract the gel out of the leaves. Aloe vera gel nourishes the eyelashes and thickens them.

It also gives them an intense look by darkening the eyelashes with regular use over time.

You can apply aloe vera gel with the help of a delicate brush before going to bed.

7. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil has regenerative properties. Even if hair falls off the hair follicles, jojoba Oil stimulates their quick growth.

It is a popular oil used for enhancing eyelashes by giving them a thick and darker look. It nourishes the hair follicles as well.

Few drops of jojoba oil mixed with aloe vera forms a great eyelash mask. Apply this mixture before going to bed.

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil gives the eyelashes their thickness and full length. The thickening of the eyelashes is also related to their darkening as coconut oil is a great moisturizer.

It gives a full look to the eyelashes by darkening their color and thickening them.

Gently massage coconut oil on your eyelashes every day before you go to sleep. The results are visible within a month of regular application.


Darkening the eyelashes with the help of Dyes

Professionally dying the eyelashes at a parlor

Eyelash tinting is an option to darken your eyelashes.

It uses a dye to touch up the roots of the eyelashes.

Eyelash tinting gives an immediate darker look to the eyelashes and makes them appear thick.

Tints make them dark and glossy. It lasts for about 3-4 weeks. So, it requires a visit to a parlor at least once a month which is not very pocket-friendly.

Dying the eyelashes at home

Dying kits are available in the market at reasonable prices. You can buy an eyelash dying kit specifically and not use any other hair dye kit.

Buy a kit that is a shade lighter than the natural color of your eyelashes.

Buying an eyelash dye kit of the same color as your eyelashes gives them an unnatural look.

Mix the dye as instructed on the manual, usually at the back of the dye container or packet.

One always has options of choosing natural products over artificial ones. If you want permanent darkening of the eyelashes without any counted side effects or harms, you must go for the natural remedies listed above. Artificial dyes can be used when you want to give an immediate darker look to your eyelashes in a salon or parlor. These methods and products give a full and natural look to the eyelashes and they look fresh and clean. Therefore, eyelashes without using mascara can look perfect every time by using the remedies mentioned in the article.