What are the Best alternatives to eyelash glue?

Eyes are a very precious part of your body, and when it comes to makeup, we put a lot of effort into making them perfect just for the right occasion. You do not want to take the risk with any product you apply to your eyes.

Talking about eyelash glue, it is very dicey to decide whether it is safe or not. Eyelash glue has many disadvantages because of which many eyelash applicants look for alternatives.

What are the best alternatives to eyelash glue?

Self-adhesive lashes, Magnetic eyelashes, and eyeliners are some alternatives to replace your eyelash glue. Whereas, you can in general stop wearing falsies to avoid eyelash glue. Instead of false lashes you can apply high-volume mascara or get your extensions done.

If you are scared of any chemical contact with any of the products you can simply grow your eyelashes. Growing eyelashes requires your full attention on your lashes.

Every choice of you depends upon how long you want the effect to be on your face. Each of the options listed above can be chosen according to what look you desire.

Why look for an alternative for eyelash glue?

The reason why everyone is looking for a genuine replacement for eyelash glue is that it Is infused with a lot of chemicals. Its ingredients include solvents, surfactants, and ammonium hydroxide.

Some glues may also contain glycol ether. All these ingredients can be toxic and irritating to the skin.

Eyelash glue is made with numerous ingredients, some of them are not even listed on the packaging which makes it difficult for you to check if it is allergic or not.

You might be allergic to any of the chemicals inside the eyelash glue which you are unaware of, this can trigger an allergic reaction.

Most people are allergic to latex that is found inside eyelash glue. In that case, it can lead to severe problems like contact dermatitis.

You may not want to directly test this on your eye, it is recommended to go to a dermatologist before getting eyelash extension or applying eyelash glue directly on your eyelids. This will prevent any infection or allergy with these products.

Lash glue is very hard to get rid of, so in order to remove it you need to rub your eyes which can be quite dangerous and nor healthy for eyelashes.

What are the best alternatives for eyelash glue?

There are many ways to replace eyelash glue or simply prevent the use of eyelash glue. Keep your choice according to the look and durability you desire. Some of the alternatives may not last as much as the eyelash glue or some might be more expensive than this but I must say! These are the best alternatives for eyelash glue.

1. Magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes are very much popular for definition. From Instagram to YouTube every makeup artist and influencer is talking about it. Just like its name the lashes stay still with a magnetic force.

The falsies come along with eyeliner instead of glue. Magnetic lashes have seamless magnets attached to the lining of the lashes which sticks due to a magnetic force. magnetic force is created due to the eyeliner that contains magnetic particles.

These lashes are safer than your usual false lashes and the best part about these is that they are reusable.

To know to apply magnetic lashes refer to this video

2. Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a whole different thing than false lashes. These are durable and are attached to your natural lashes giving them an all-natural look. It also saves a lot of time if you are into applying falsies daily.

It prevents you from applying lash glue every day.

The drawback is that eyelash extensions can be very expensive when compared to false lashes.

But mind me, this is the most effective eyelash glue alternative you can go for. These are not as heavy as false lashes and save you from the danger of eyelash glue.

Though you might think about the glue used during the procedure of eyelash extensions but be relieved as extensions are applied by professionals that are skilled in applying the glue perfectly without causing any harm.

Even after this, you are in doubt then it is always better to seek help and advice from a dermatologist.

3. Self-adhesive eyelashes

Self-adhesive eyelashes are the most cost-friendly alternative for eyelash glue. You don’t need to apply an adhesive before applying the lashes. These lashes go directly onto your eyelashes.

A minimal amount of adhesive is present at the lining of the lashes just like a sticker.

These lashes are not only cost-friendly but also very easy to apply.

If you’re a first-timer then these lashes will be a great help for you. The only drawback to these lashes is their non-reusability. You can hardly use it once or twice not more than that

4. High voluminous Mascara

Now if you do not want any false lashes or any type of glue on your lash line then high-volume mascara can help you. Choose any high voluminous mascara and apply it gently over your curved lashes.

The mascara will make your lashes look fuller and voluminous just like you desire and without any eyelash glue.

Mascara can be used any day and it will make your ey6es look a lot prettier than before! There are thousands of ways to use eyelashes for an extra glam look.

Refer to this video for any reference.

Can you use any homemade adhesive?

Many articles and blogs claim homemade adhesive is an effective alternative but you should not go for it. No evidence proves it effective or non-infectious.

Preparing glue with the use of lemon, honey, sugar can irritate your eye. These ingredients are not only heavy but also very ineffective. These ingredients react differently in different environments.

The homemade glue may melt in a hot environment or even become hard at low temperatures and make your eyelid heavy or drip into your eyes.

Some blogs have also suggested using homemade PVA. Which you should NEVER take such risks.

A variety of latex-free, and safe eyelash glues are available in the market; you can anyhow use them any day.