Is tresemme good for your hair?

We know everyone has varied choices when it comes to self-care products, be it for the skin, or hair. And today when a variety of products are available, one has to have more pros or cons than the other depending on an individual’s choice and likings. The most popular shampoo in today’s time is no doubt Tresemme.

An obvious question that arises in everybody’s mind is –

Is Tresemme good for your hair?

Tresemme comes with its pros and cons. It is extremely good at some factors such as the presence of hair oils, Vitamin E, vitamin B3, biotin, keratin, free from sulfates that promote healthy hair growth by providing nourishment and moisturization leaving the hair smooth and frizz-free. But on the other hand, they contain silicones, formaldehyde, and fragrances that are damaging to the hair and cause loss of hair.


Main ingredients of Tresemme products

  • water
  • sodium Laureth sulfate
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine
  • Glycol distearate
  • tocopheryl acetate
  • panthenol
  • niacinamide
  • biotin
  • ascorbic acid
  • cocamide mea
  • sodium chloride
  • guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride
  • polyquaternium-47
  • polysorbate 20
  • disodium EDTA


Pros of Tresemme

Here are the reasons why Tresemme is widely used by professionals and common people around the globe-

1. Enriched with nutrients

Most of the ingredients of Tresemme products are enriched with essential nutrients such as Vitamin E, biotin, Vitamin B3, etc that promote healthy hair growth.

These deeply nourish the hair up to the roots and are active ingredients in heat sprays manufactured by Tresemme that also protect the hair from heat damage.

Even the Heat Tamer by Tresemme should be necessarily used if you expose your hair to high heat very often. The ingredients ensure to keep your hair safe from any damage while providing them nourishment.

2. Presence of hair oils

Serums manufactured by Tresemme contain essential hair oils that promote overall hair health.

The oil in these serums goes deep down to the hair roots and individual strands ensuring proper penetration and nourishment to all parts of the head.

It thus softens the hair and gives them the strength that also prevents hair fall due to the presence of coconut oil as the main ingredient.

Tresemme keratin smooth is a great product. It doesn’t make your hair appear oily or greasy but lubricates it in the right amounts to properly nourish them.

3. Presence of keratin and marula oil

Tresemme products make sure that your hair gets enough moisture.

For this, they have the Tresemme keratin smooth deep smoothing mask that is enriched with sufficient amounts of keratin and marula oil.

It deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair by facilitating blood circulation in the region of hair growth without causing any build-ups. It helps you get rid of frizzy hair while smoothing your hair to its best.

4. Free from sulfate, paraben, and dyes

Sulfates and salts are often known to cause damage to the hair, particularly hair fall.

To your luck, Tresemme shampoos are free from sulfates, parabens, and dyes that can damage your hair.

Instead, when used alongside the Tresemme conditioner, they would give you voluminous, long, black, shiny hair.

5. Presence of coconut oil and coconut milk

Tresemme nourishes and replenishes shampoo contains coconut oil and coconut milk that moisturize the hair and promote their healthy growth.

6. Presence of Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride

This ingredient is an active part of Tresemme products that contain chlorine to detangle the hair, easily comb them and properly condition them.


Cons of Tresemme

No product is free from cons. The cons of using Tresemme products are-

1. Use of fragrances

The use of fragrance in skincare products may seem like a good thing, but it is not.

The fragrances can cause allergies to the skin and can help in the growth of bacteria that produce scalp in the hair.

They contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals that cannot be used for healthy hair growth.

2. Use of silicon elements

Tresemme shampoos that are known to give a shiny look to the hair are often enriched with silicon that coats the hair to give it a frizz-free appearance with a bright shine and color.

They do not nourish your hair but damage them. That seems like an advantage but is extremely damaging for natural hair. Silicones such as dimethicone can give your hair an immediate fix and shine but do not nourish the hair.

They exaggerate build-up that promotes the growth of the scalp in the hair.

3. Presence of formaldehyde

Tresemme products often contain formaldehyde that causes hair loss.

They are known to cause erosion when they come in contact with moisture or water.

The use of DMDM promotes erosion that fastens the process of hair loss and damage.


How is Tresemme good for various types of hair?

Tresemme has been known to give a great product range for people of all hair types. Some of them are given below-

Dry and frizzy hair

The Tresemme smooth and shine shampoo has vitamin h and silk proteins that give the hair proper hydration and takes out all its tresses.

It gives the hair a smooth and shiny appearance because of the presence of Moroccan argan oil that also fills the hair with softness.

Protection for curly hair

If your hair strands curl between your fingers it is an important sign of hair loss.

Tresemme shampoo restores the nutrients of the hair and a high nutrient formula strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss.

The high amount of proteins present strengthens the hair follicles and you can notice the results after a few washes. The hair will grow longer and smoother.


Tresemme shampoo comes with a volume variant that gives your hair enough volume to make them look full.


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Final words

Tresemme products are good for your hair but one cannot neglect the disadvantages it gives due to the presence of certain damaging ingredients. It is just important to check the ingredients list before you buy a product and make sure that it is free of any chemical that can be bad for your hair.