How to get liquid lipstick to stay on your inner lips?

We all have begun to prefer liquid lipsticks over the other types. Not only because it is easy to use and fills in the shape of the lips, but also gives a great texture that looks perfect on the lips.
But the question that often gets asked is-

How to get liquid lipstick to stay on your inner lips?

There are many ways to get the liquid lipstick stay on the inner lips such as creating a canvas, using a lip primer, even application, use of straw, etc.

The details of the same would be discussed here.


Which lipsticks stay the best on inner lips?

You can apply any lipstick to stay on on the inner part of your lips provided that it is applied in the correct way.

Most people find the liquid lipsticks to be more intact on the inner lips than the matte or glossy ones in solid forms. They come in almost all shades of every colour in which you can rock your look.

The liquid lipsticks are smudge proof which is why they apply evenly on the inner as well as the outer lip.

They do not fade away when dried or being contacted with the moisture of the lips and the mouth.

There is no doubt that the liquid lipsticks are long lasting and waterproof that stay on your lips for no less than 12 hours.


Things you need to know while using liquid lipstick on your inner lips

Liquid lipsticks with a Matte texture are always preferred by people around the world. It forms a smooth coating as it contains pigments similar to that of a normal lipstick while preserving the shiny and lighting characteristics of a lip gloss.

One can plot the lips with the tissue after applying liquid lipstick to wear off the excess shiny or glossy appearance and make it look like a soft matte.

Liquid lipsticks do wonder in even a single coat. You can achieve the required results and the desired pigmented look by just one swipe of the brush.

It is thus evenly spread on the inner and outer lips and leaves no distinction between them.

The liquid lipsticks are opaque in their appearance but a color can be blotted on them with the help of a tissue which gives it staining properties.

To remove the excess of the color applied on the lips while giving it just the required shine and not any extra of it.

It is always recommended to apply a hydrating lip balm before you apply a liquid lipstick as these are long lasting.

Because of being long lasting they dry up the lips by taking up moisture from them.

It is therefore necessary to moisten your lips before you apply the liquid lipstick.

Start by applying the lipstick on the bottom lip and then on the upper lip. Press the cupid together to fill in the inner lips and fill them again with the help of a brush.

Liquid lipsticks are made with the help of such ingredients that the color does not transfer to any other thing or does it fade for as long as 24 hours.


How to let your lipstick stay on on the inner lips?

Lipstick gives the perfect look when it is evenly applied in equal proportions on the entire lips. The inner lips are usually lighter in colour as compared to the outlets which are usually dark.

To prevent the contrasting colours of the inner and outer lips to appear, you can follow the given steps-

Clean your lips and moisturize them

Dry lips tend to easily fade away the colour of the lipstick. It is advised to scrub the lips before you apply anything on it. The scrub can either be homemade or bought from the market.

The dead skin cells of the lips can be easily removed by applying a mix of coconut oil and sugar.

It is equally important to moisturize them well with a lip balm before you finally applying the lipstick.

Use a lip primer

The lipstick on the inner lips tends to fade away and become lighter as that part of the lips is in close contact with the saliva of the mouth.

The enzymes present in saliva react on the lipstick and reduce its shade.

The use of a lip primer can be a help in increasing the longer with me of the lipstick on the inner lips as well.

Apply a thin layer of a lip primer and let it dry before you apply the lipstick.

Use a lip liner or crayon on the inner side as well

A lip liner for a lip crayon is not just meant to give outline to the lips. It can be used on the inner lips as well that can be filled with the use of the liner or crayon.

This is because they do not wear off easily and are creamy in texture so the application becomes easier.

Use straws while drinking to prevent colour loss

Consuming a liquid while wearing lipstick is a common thing that leads to the fading of the shade.

One must use it while drinking a liquid to let the lipstick stay in its place.


You now have all the information about which lipstick to use and how to apply it perfectly to give it an even texture. This will definitely make you look flawless and beautiful.