How to get lipstick off baby skin?

It’s the worst when you’re out and about with your little one, and they get lipstick on their face. The little ones are quite attracted to lipsticks and tend to copy their moms but end up spoiling their faces.

This always keeps a doubt in the parent’s mind as to how the stains would be removed.

How to get lipstick off a baby’s skin?

You can use baby wipes, baby oil, makeup remover, olive oil, vaseline, rubbing alcohol, coldwater etc for removing lipstick off a baby’s skin.


Ways to remove lipstick off a baby’s face

Using a baby wipe or tissue

This might be the easiest way, but you have to be careful not to rub too hard as this could cause irritation on your little one’s delicate skin.

You can also use a wet paper towel instead of wipes if they’re more gentle than what you might be using.

If your baby’s face is really dirty or messy from their day out with you, then sometimes the easiest solution is using a clean baby wipe!

Simply run it over their face as needed until everything comes off before wiping it all off with a dry baby wipe.

Rubbing alcohol

This is great for removing lipsticks, and it’s hypoallergenic.

It also doesn’t dry out your baby’s skin like you might expect! Simply wet a cotton pad or tissue with rubbing alcohol, and wipe over the lipstick.

For more stubborn stains, apply some to a Q-tip or ball of cotton and then rub away the stained area until they’re gone.

Cotton balls

These are great for getting into tight places and removing the lipstick completely!

They’re also a good alternative to Q-tips if you don’t want your little one feeling anything, or have sensitive skin on their face that might react badly with latex.

Simply rub the cotton ball over the stained area until it’s all gone, and then blot the area dry with a clean cotton ball or tissue.

Lipstick Brush

You’ll want to use one that’s made of nylon bristles for this trick! Simply wet the brush before rubbing it over your baby’s face until they’re free from lipstick stains.

This works especially well if you have a deep red color on your baby’s face, but it also helps with other colors.

Using olive oil

Soak a cotton ball or pad with the liquid and press it to your baby’s skin.

This should help dissolve the lipstick so you can wipe it away easier without hurting their delicate skin.

Do not use this on eyelids, as they might get irritated! You can also use a lighter, liquid version of olive oil as well!

This might be easier for delicate skin.

Apply the liquid directly onto your baby’s face and wipe off with either a paper towel or wet washcloth.

They should now be free from lipstick stains on their sensitive skin!


If all else fails, you can take a wet washcloth and douse it in cold water.

You want to make sure the cloth is cool enough not to irritate your baby’s delicate skin, though!

Cleaning products

There are some cleaning products that have been specially designed for babies’ sensitive skin that might help dissolve the lipstick so you don’t have to rub so hard.

Using baby oil

You can also use baby oil on your little one if you want to. It might take a few wipes, but it should eventually dissolve the lipstick so that they’re clean and free of any stains!

Apply a little amount of it on a baby wipe or clean cloth and wipe it on their face.

Using dish soap

This is another option for getting rid of lipsticks.

Apply some onto any areas with makeup before wiping away with a wet washcloth.

Using a makeup remover

You can also use an oil-based makeup remover, like coconut or olive oil! Apply it to the baby’s face and wipe it off with tissue paper without rubbing too hard on their skin.

This should remove any lipstick residue from your little one’s delicate skin!

Use vaseline or petroleum jelly

You can also use vaseline or petroleum jelly to remove lipstick if you don’t have anything else around.

Apply a little amount onto your baby’s skin and then wipe away the stain with tissue paper.

You can also reach for this in an emergency! If there’s no other way, using it on its own may dissolve the


Things to keep in mind while removing lipstick from your baby’s face

Be gentle

You want to be careful not to rub too hard when you’re trying to remove the lipstick.

This is because your little one’s skin might get irritated and dry easily, so make sure that you use a gentler touch than what they would normally need with their makeup!

Babies can’t tell us if they’re feeling something, so you need to be extra careful not to hurt your baby’s skin.

Wet the Q-tip or cotton ball before using it

This will make it easier for them to remove the lipstick from their face without having too much friction on their delicate skin!

If they don’t have a sensitive reaction after testing it on their arm, it’s safe to use this method.

Dip the cotton ball into some milk

If your baby has sensitive skin, you might want to try using milk instead of water.

Simply wet one end with it and then use it on their face! Milk is more gentle than water for those who have delicate skin or allergies.

Wet the washcloth before cleaning up If you’re using a wet washcloth, make sure that it’s damp enough not to irritate their skin too much.

Apply some olive or coconut oil onto them

You can also use these oils on your baby if they have sensitive skin and want something more gentle than soap!

Use one of the methods from before for removing lipstick stains with this kind of oil.


Video – Taking care of your baby’s skin


Final words

In conclusion, there are many ways to remove lipstick from your little one’s delicate skin.

There is a way for everyone. You can also use these methods on yourself if you’re in need of some makeup remover.

Remember- start off gentle, and work your way up to the stronger methods if they don’t have any reactions.