How to fix eyelash extensions that are too long?

Once you get eyelash extension the journey of troubles can begin. This is not to make you guys afraid of it but this is somewhat the reality. Eyelash extensions are fake eyelashes that will be different from the normal lash.

If you get your eyelashes for the first time there will be several problems which you will encounter either because of your wrong decision-making or your technician’s mistake.

Sometimes we get lashes that are too long.

So, how do we fix eyelash extensions that are too long?

It is better to contact your salon and get the length changed. In many cases, you can cut it yourself but it is not advised. If you know how to fix them safely by trimming them short. Apart from cutting bending is one of the solutions to fix eyelash extensions that are too long.

It is always better to ask your technician to keep them short before installation to avoid any further problems.


How to fix eyelash extensions that are too long?

If you are frustrated with your eyelash being too long here are a few ideas which might help you.

1. Take another appointment

You need to contact your technician and ask them for another set of appointments to get your eyelash extension replaced.

This time you can get a shorter extension than before.

The stylist will trim the extensions and then reapply on to your lashes. This way it is safe and you will get your perfect eyelash back. but this time exactly how you wanted.

2. Trim them

I guess this is the idea which you have already found yourself. Trimming is the first option that must have come to your mind.

You can clip your extensions and remove them but several issues and accidents can happen during this so be careful. You can look for tutorials on the internet to be extra sure.

3. Try bending

Bending is the solution for long eyelash extensions. This doesn’t require any trimming or cutting.

In this procedure the edges end upwards so that they have some curvature, this will make your lashes appear shorter.


Why should one not have a longer eyelash extension?

Your eyelash extension should be as long as 1 to 2 mm. a lash longer than this will stress your natural lashes. It will bend the lashes and can also result in breakage and pre-fallouts.

The damage can be irreversible too and you may lose your eyelashes forever.

Longer eyelashes also distract your vision and your eyes feel heavy all the long. It is better to get a shorter extension that looks more natural.


How to know if my lash extensions are too long?

The best way to know that you’ve got your extensions too long is by looking in the mirror. If your inner lashes seem too long than your natural lashes that means you’ve got an extra-long extension.

However, extensions are meant to be longer than your natural lashes but they should not appear fake or feel extremely heavy.

Remember! These beauty techniques are not more than your real possessions.

How to avoid getting longer lashes?

Precaution is always better than cure. Here is how you can avoid getting longer lashes.

1. Tell your technician that you want a shorter length

You can tell your technician about the perfect length you want. The technician is a trained person he/she would understand what you want if you are clear with your thoughts.

Carry your measurements or a couple of photos or ideas for them. This will help them and you will be safe from getting longer lashes.

2. Check the length before installation

Always be double sure as it is a matter of your natural lashes. Check the length of the lashes before your stylist applies them to your lashes.

When you find the lashes appropriate then only ask them to apply it on your lashes.
If the length is longer than you want then he/she will trim it down for you.

3. Choose extensions with short strips

You will find a couple of lash extensions including curvature, length, thickness, and a choice that is both comfortable and natural-looking.

Do not choose a lash extension with too wide strips.

If the lash strip feels wide then it is a clear sign you are getting a longer lash.