How to clean a spoolie?

Everyone likes to grow their eyelashes and eyebrows for which spoolies have become a part of the regular self care routine. Be it an eyebrow spoolie or a mascara wand, we prefer the best over these.

But cleaning them can be quite tedious and we switch over to buying a new one. Spoolies can be easily cleaned at home.

Now the question that arises in the minds of most people is –

How to clean a spoolie?”

It can be cleaned by using a makeup remover, or dipping the spoolie in warm water. Simply rubbing it between the hands by the use of a soap or shampoo or using a paper towel to remove the clumps regularly are also effective methods of keeping the spoolie clean.


What is a spoolie?

It is a brush-like tool that is used for grooming the eyebrows. It generally comes with makeup products such as eyebrow gels and has a double ended brush.

It looks like a mascara wand but is different in the case of soft bristles with a tapered head. The results are mostly synthetic or can be made of plastic or nylon.

They are used with liquid and cream based products that do not get absorbed on the bristles but last longer on the skin.


How to clean a spoolie?

Every tool requires hygiene and cleanliness when used continuously.

Given are some simple ways by which you can clean your spoolie brush.

1. Remove the clumps if any

The bristles can have makeup products or gel like materials stuck in them.

It is important to clean these clamps whenever you use any product with the help of a spoolie.

It can easily be done by using a dry paper towel in which you can fold the bristles and wiggle it in the forward and backward directions.

2. Dip it in hot water

Put the spoolie in a cup of hot water that is not boiling.

Let it stay for 5 to 6 minutes that will dissolve the impurities if present.

You may pour a little makeup remover as some products are waterproof or water resistant.

3. Use warm water and soap

You can’t perform this method every two weeks. Rinse the spoolie well in warm water and apply soap on it.

Use your fingers to gently rub the soap on the bristles and rinse it under running water again.

4. Use a brush cleaner

Several brands have presented their own range of makeup and tool cleaners. A brush cleaner can be used that is applied directly on the paper towel and it is then folded over the spoolie.

Leave the spooler overnight to let it absorb the cleaner after you have removed all the impurities.

5. Using a regular shampoo

If the spoolie is made of natural hair any sort of regular shampoo can be used to clean it. Choose shampoos that are alcohol free. Rinse the spooler and gently shampoo it.

When it is moisturized enough, rinse it thoroughly under running water and place it on a dry towel overnight.

6. Wetting the spoolie

Wet the spooler under running water and take a drop of shampoo on your fingers. Rub your fingers gently over the bristles after brushing in circular motions until you notice impurities or old makeup wearing off. Let the spoolie dry on a towel.


How to clean a mascara wand?

Regular cleaning of mascara wand enhances their life and it can be a loving tool. You can throw the mascara wand out when it starts losing its bristles.

Here are the steps to clean a mascara wand.

  • Always wipe off mascara with the help of a paper towel every time you use it. It hardly takes a minute but enters daily cleaning of the tool.
  • Dip the wand in hot water preferably with a makeup remover whenever you notice any small or large clumps on it. Hot water quickly lets the excessive makeup products off the mascara wand.
  • You may use running water and regular soap or shampoo to clean the wand at least once a week.
  • For thorough cleaning of the mascara wand once in two weeks fill a glass of warm water and soak the mascara brush in it for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Pour a drop of shampoo into your palm and rub the bond between your hands gently. You may use your fingers to facilitate the movements. Rinse the wand again with warm water and leave it overnight.

Types of mascara wands

Choosing a mascara wand is important as they have now evolves into different types that give different looks to the eyelashes upon the application of mascara.

The most popular types of mascara wands are given below –

Classic comb like wand

It is the favourite among people that gives the lashes enough land and volume which makes them look full.

They have bristles similar to a comb and are pointed that can reach even the tiniest lashes in the eye.

Curved Wand

It is curved from the middle that helps in calling eyelashes and also avoids clumps due to its shape.

It gives a perfect curl even in one moves along the lashes.

Ball tip wand

It has bristles in a circular shape that form a ball like tip.

It helps in reaching the roots of the eyelashes attached to the eyelids to give the eyes a complete coverage and fuller look.

Thick fibre brush wand

It has dance lessons that is used for thickening the eyelashes and filling the eyes.

The fibre is made of fats that give the eyes a doll like look.


Final words

It is extremely important to maintain the hygiene of things you use including the makeup devices and thoroughly clean them from time to time. Simple methods mentioned can give you a clean spoolie and wand in minutes without any hard effort.