Does crying ruin eyelash extensions?

Getting eyelash extension is not a one-day decision, during that time you think across thousands of consequences that can ruin your eyelashes and this is natural. Eyelashes are fragile and so are eyelash extensions, one small mistake can ruin your eyelash.

In that context, does crying ruin eyelash extensions?

Crying during the session where your extensions are being applied is dangerous as it can irritate you. However, after 24 hours of application crying won’t affect your eyelashes as eyelash extensions are water-resistant.

After crying, you must always clean your extensions to prevent any kind of damage to your eye or eyelash. But if you get a mink lash then it will get ruined by your tears because they are not waterproof.

Can you cry after the eyelash extension appointment?

No! crying just after your eyelash extension is not good for your extension. It can simply ruin your extensions. After the appointment, the healing time starts, and during that time you need to be very careful regarding your actions.

Eyelash extensions require a minimum of four hours to set their glue. Until the glue is completely fixed you should try not to cry. When the glue is fixed then also you have to wait for a day to make any kind of moisture contact to your eyelash extension.

We know that crying can not be controlled and that is why you can cry your heart out but only after the 24 hours healing period of your lashes.

What will happen if I cry during the appointment?

Crying during the appointment session is not advisable. This is dangerous for your eyelids. Crying during the appointment will irritate and can also lead to severe infections.

If you are crying because of the painful process, let me make it clear applying eyelash extensions is a painless process. It should not cause you any kind of pain during the process.

The pain is most likely to happen because of a few reasons.

It can be because of the less skilled stylist who is using wrong techniques and harsh tools, cheap products, or inflammable products that can hurt and make you cry or any of your allergies.


What alternatives you have?

If you want to forgo of eyelash extensions and want to stick with alternatives, then there are a few of them which you can prefer.

1. Mascara

The makeup industry is huge! There are popular brands that claim to be cruelty-free. Choose a mascara from that brand and voila! You can get fuller lashes within seconds. As mascara is a temporary thing you can change your look more often than
Tip- applying the mascara after curling your lashes makes them fuller and voluminous.

2. Fake lashes

Going for a fake lash that is made up of fiber is a great alternative for extensions. They are cheap, more flexible, and not permanent. As it’s not permanent you can go according to your mood.
Fake lashes are heavy and that is one of its drawbacks. Well, using it with care is not a bad idea.

2. Grow them naturally

If you do not have trust in any products and believe that they can not be vegan then the only option is to grow them naturally. Use growth serum daily on your lashes to grow them.

Seek the help of a dermatologist for better guidance.