Do eyelash extensions hurt?

If you are finally getting your eyelash extensions done then a few questions always keep pondering into your mind. Getting an eyelash extension is a big decision and you may take your time. It is not a permanent thing but they are as durable as a month.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

No, eyelash extensions do not hurt if done properly and carefully during or after the application. Anyone who is not trained or has a good amount of experience may end up hurting you. If your eyelash extension hurts after the procedure then it might be because of any kind of infection in that case you should see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

If you feel any pain during the process just stop it right there, either you are getting your extensions too long or your stylist is a layman. Getting an eyelash extension is not like getting a tattoo, nothing is being engraved into the skin.

There are no chances of facing pain as the whole process is carried out extremely carefully, each extension Is applied one at a time so that your eyelashes don’t get pulled and you do not face any pain.

But if anyhow your eyelash extensions hurt it can be because of some other reasons. Read the article to know more.


Why is your eyelash extension hurting?

If you are facing pain during eyelash extension and mainly due to your technician’s fault. Either he might be not very well skilled or he might be using the wrong technique which is causing pain and hurting you.

The other reason might be the product they use. Sone salons may provide cheap service as they use very inexpensive products that tend to be harmful to your eyelids.

Poor quality products can lead to adverse effects much more than pain. Try to check the product before getting eyelash extensions.

In some of the cases, accidents happen due to your own mistakes, like opening the eye when it should have been opened when it needed to be closed. While opening you may get hurt by the tools as this process needs to be completed while your eyes are closed.

Why is my eyelash extension hurting after the appointment?

If you have got your extensions done and now it is hurting then there are possibilities of you having an infection due to the extension. It can be mainly because your eyelashes were not properly stuck to your eyelashes. This can be a serious issue as this can rip your real eyelashes apart.

A couple of more reasons include an excess of glue which might have gone wrong during the application but it’s showing your effects now, it can also be because you are not taking good care of your extensions.

Once you get the extensions it doesn’t stop there you have to take care of your extensions too and keep them clean always.

It can happen also, because of the wrong length or thickness. Take your decisions well before extensions to avoid pain.


How to take care of extensions?

Keep your eyelashes clean

The first thing to take care of your extension is to keep your lash clean. Use a lash cleanser to clean your eyelashes daily. Plenty of lash cleansers are available in the market which you can buy. The cleanser should be of good quality. You can also seek professional advice before buying a product.

Always go for a product that is oil-free and paraben-free for a healthy lash.

Avoid lash friction

Keep your hands away from your lash. Rubbing, itching, pulling, etc can cause your lashes to fall out.
When cleaning make sure you do it gently to avoid friction.

Get your lash extensions refills from time to time

Everything mentioned above is important but this one is very important. To maintain your fuller and healthy lashes you should fix your appointment after every 2 weeks.

Longer gaps between the sessions will create gaps in your lashes as the natural lashes fall. You should get it done before this happens as it can make your eyes look ugly.

Brush your lashes

Lashes can stick with each other after a bath or cleaning brush it to separate each hair strand but be careful while doing it.