Do eyelash curlers damage eyelashes?

A lot of fancy beauty products are available in the market that are not less than a magical tool. After using some of them you feel instant changes in your look. One of those products is an eyelash curler.

With the use of an eyelash curler, you can make your eyelash look fuller and longer in seconds. Isn’t it super cool!

The clipper provided in the tool clips or eyelashes and curls them upward making them thick, fuller, and longer.

When using eyelash curlers one thing is natural to ask –

Do eyelash curlers damage eyelashes?

The answer is no! they do not damage eyelashes when used correctly. However, Improper usage of eyelash curlers can damage our eyelashes.

This is science! Anything used in excess or incorrectly can cause damage and that works for eyelash curlers as well.

But eyelash curlers are more economical and safer than getting extensions or wearing false lashes.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to using an eyelash curler. Read full to know more.

How does eyelash curler work?

Eyelash curler is a metal tool used to make your eyelash fuller, thick and long.

The terrifying they look the easier they are to use. Eyelash curlers come in various sizes and types.

Other than metal you can also find plastic and brass ones in the market, but metal curlers work the best.

The clamps present in the curler squeeze down your lashes and curl your lashes upward.

This gives an illusion of your lashes being long and thick. If you apply mascara over your curled lashes, it will make your lashes more attractive than before.

Some experts say that a heated lash curler works better and ends up giving better results.


Drawbacks of an eyelash curler

Curlers may make your eyes look attractive but several drawbacks come along with it. listing few of them here:

Puts strain on lashes

Eyelashes are extremely fragile and sensitive. Pulling it through the curler makes them weak and brittle.

When you curl your eyelashes a lot of strain is transferred to your lash line and lashes. This causes a pre-fallout of lashes.

Clamping your lashes every day will cause some of the lashes to fall or they may be pulled out accidentally.

Though one of the purposes of eyelash curlers is to make your eyes look thicker, using it regularly without care will show negative results i.e., your eyelash will become thin due to frequent shedding.


Everyone who does makeup would relate when it comes to accidents caused when they are in a hurry.

This accident can cost you hard. When you are curling in a hurry you may pinch your eyelids.

Ahhh! That sounds painful. You can avoid it by focusing completely on this process.

This mistake can happen at any level of your skill so it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a noob, being careful is always better.


To achieve high-end results most professional makeup artists believe in heating the curler before curling your lashes.

Doesn’t it sound dangerous? It is risky.

You can accidentally burn your eyelids by touching the metal to your skin. No one ever advises you to try it unless you are trained.

How to curl your lashes safely?

1. Get a good quality eyelash curler

Make a wise choice amongst the tons of brands in the market.

Metal curlers are always a better choice than plastic and rubber ones. A good quality curler is one made up of sturdy metal and that has a rubber pad.

Plastic and rubber pads don’t bring out the best because of poor grip.

Cheap quality curlers are not durable.

Choose a good brand to rely on. At last, whatever brand you choose, make sure your curler is clean before you use it.

2. Hold your eyelash curler near to your eye

At first, you will get a feeling of coolness, later on you will get used to it.

As mentioned above a lot of professionals heat the curler before putting it to your eye. This is not advice at all. Try to avoid it.

3. Put your lashes in between the clamps

Open the clamps and adjust your lashes in between them perfectly.

Get as much as the lashes you can at one time.

Make sure you do not get too close to your eyelids to avoid pinching.

4. Close the clamps

When there are enough lashes on the clamps, close the clamps on the lashes and squeeze them a little.

Leave It for 3 sec and you are done. You can re-do it if you’ve not got that satisfactory result.

5. Curl the lashes in 3 sections

After squeezing it a bit, curl your lash in 3 sections. Curling in different sections makes your lashes fuller and doesn’t leave any one of them behind.

It gives a natural vibe to your lashes. At last curl, you lash from the tip, and you are done.


Final words

Eyelash curlers are safe unless you use them safely and with care. Whenever it comes to eyelashes you need to be extra careful as they are very sensitive.

There are several ways to make your eyes look cool with the use of a curler. Adding petroleum jelly to your eyelashes before curling can make them look more attractive.

Lastly, always use quality products when it comes to makeup. Makeup and its tools come directly in contact with your skin, which means that they need to be clean and effective.