Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are much in the trend now due to the look they give to our eyes even without the application of any eye make-up. Though eyelash extensions do not need anything over them, still some people want to apply mascara or eyeliner along with the eyelash extensions.
But a question always arises in their mind-

Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can wear mascara with eyelash extensions. The only thing to keep in mind is that the mascara you are using is lightweight and you do not apply many layers of it over the eyelash extensions.


What are eyelash extensions?

These are added over the natural eyelashes to increase their length, improve their color, add volume to the lashes, curl or add fullness to them.

They are made of artificial materials such as silk, horsehair, mink, or synthetic. An adhesive is used to stick the extensions to the natural eyelashes at a distance of approximately 1-2 mm from the base.

Eyelash extensions remain in close contact with the eyelids. They appear as if a perfect mascara is applied to them without any layering of makeup or uneven lumps over them.

Why isn’t anything required over the eyelash extensions?

The eyelash extensions are themselves made in such a way that they have the required volume, curl, thickness, and length already. These are added over the natural eyelashes which enhance their look.

People who do not go for eyelash extensions enhance and intensify the look of their eyelashes by the application of mascara. Regular application of mascara may weaken the eyelashes and they start to fall off.

Also, their removal needs rough strokes which puts a force on the natural eyelashes and withers them off. A substitute for this problem is eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are added with materials to intensify your eyelashes by adding volume, color, length, and thickness. These extensions need regular refills after every 6-8 weeks to maintain their look.

You can come to know when your eyelashes require refills. Once the extensions start detaching from your eyelids, you are in need of a refill.

The refills add the required materials to the extensions and modify them to give an intense look to your eyelashes. Also, the adhesive gum needs to be re-applied.


Things to keep in mind while wearing mascara with Eyelash Extensions

Mascara is generally used to add volume, color, thickness, and length to the eyelashes. But the eyelash extensions fulfill these additions without any type of external applications.

Some people want to intensify their eyelashes even after having eyelash extensions.

But certain things have to be kept in mind before you apply for one.

1. Choose a lightweight mascara

The mascara can add heaviness to the eyelash extensions. This can cause the extensions to lose their lift and volume due to the added weight. They won’t give the required perfect look if more weight is added to them.

It is therefore recommended to choose a mascara that is lightweight and does not lend any type of force to the extensions.

2. Do not add layers of mascara

Apply only a single or at the maximum double stroke of the mascara if you wish to apply it on the extensions. Adding more layers will disturb the look of the extensions.

Also, the removal of mascara would be difficult and can destroy the eyelash extensions. They may also fall off in this way. Using a water-based solution is advised which can be easily washed off without causing any damage to the extensions.

3. Do not use waterproof mascara

Try to avoid using waterproof mascara. Instead, go for a thin lash one, which is lightweight and easy to wash off.

Waterproof mascara isn’t removed easily because of its resistant nature. Mascara with eyelash extensions must be the one that could be washed off with ease causing no pressure or damage to the extensions.

4. Avoid Tube Mascaras

This mascara often tends to wrap like a tube on the individual lashes. Being made from artificial material, the lash extensions often tend to stick to them and get damaged. They are much difficult to remove.

The tube mascara sticks like a block of cement which is impossible to remove. So, the extensions have to be removed in this case.

5. Do not use Fiber Mascara

The fiber mascara adds fiber to the natural eyelashes below the extensions.

Some amount of roughness is also added to extensions. This adds volume below the extensions to the natural eyelashes.

The extra volume added is not needed and does not look good. Also, the extensions, as well as the natural eyelashes, are damaged by this.


How to apply mascara on Eyelash Extensions?

Applying mascara on Eyelash Extensions needs extra care and attention. They are joined to the natural eyelashes and one needs to protect both of them while applying mascara.

The correct way to apply mascara on Eyelash extensions is-

  1. Gently wash your eyelashes and dry them lightly.
  2. Comb the lashes in the desired motion and shape.
  3. Apply the mascara starting from the middle.
  4. Subsequently, move towards the ends while applying the mascara.
  5. Do not apply the mascara in a reverse direction, that is, from the ends towards the middle.
  6. Do not apply mascara on the roots of the extensions. This could break the bonds between the extensions and the natural eyelashes.
  7. Apply just a single coat of mascara or two coats at maximum. Applying more than two coats can damage the extensions.


Applying mascara on the eyelashes can give it extra length, volume, and thickness but it isn’t necessary to wear the mascara with eyelash extensions. Even if you want to do so, be careful about what to use and how to use it.