Can you wear fake lashes with eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers attached to your natural eyelash making them look fuller and longer.

After the process, your mind is flooded with questions. These questions arise as the day passes.

On a regular day when you crave dramatic eyes one will come into your mind –

Can you wear fake lashes with eyelash extensions?

The answer to it is no! You should not wear fake lashes over eyelash extensions. Wearing fake lashes over the extension would damage your eyelash extensions and even your natural eyelash.

If you are in a state where you have to wear fake lashes, you’ll take precautions in that case.

Why should you not wear fake lashes with eyelash extensions?

Wearing fake lashes over eyelash extensions is not advised by any professional or experts. There are several reasons for that one, here are some of them! –

1. Fake lashes will weigh down your lashes

Extensions make your real lashes heavy. Applying fake lashes over natural lashes can make them heavier. And this way your lashes will weigh down your lashes.

Cheap fake lashes are made up of rubber and plastic which weigh more than your extensions, applying it over your extension will bend toy lashes, and it won’t look as fuller and long as it should be.

When you get your extensions done, your stylist puts the maximum weight your lashes can bear. Adding extra weight to your lashes is not a good idea. It can result in early fall of lashes, both extensions, and natural ones.

2. It damages your lashes while removal

As fake lashes need to be stuck perfectly it requires glue to paste them. Unlike extensions, you need to remove your falsies.

The glue used in the application of fake lashes is very strong hence makes the removal of the lashes hard.

Experts say that the adhesive used in the application of lashes should not come in contact with the extensions.

During the removal of the fake lash, you might need some force to remove it, and during that your extensions as well as your natural lashes.

3. The glue won’t come off easily

You can do anything and still find glue on your lash line. The truth is that the glue doesn’t come off easily unless you rub it.

Rubbing is strictly prohibited with extensions.

The glue also contains a lot of chemicals that can damage your natural lash line and cause the extensions to fall off.

4. Wastage of money

Fake lashes are cheap but the damage they cause to your lash extensions and your natural lash can turn out to be costly to you.

Also, lash extensions are expensive.

Putting a fake lash on top of it will not even make it visible to anyone and hence, all your money and patience goes in vain.


How to take care of extensions?

Keep your eyelashes clean

The first thing to take care of your extension is to keep your lash clean.

Use a lash cleanser to clean your eyelashes daily. Plenty of lash cleansers are available in the market which you can buy.

The cleanser should be of good quality. You can also seek professional advice before buying a product.

Always go for a product that is oil-free and paraben-free for a healthy lash.

Avoid lash friction

Keep your hands away from your lash. Rubbing, itching, pulling, etc can cause your lashes to fall out.

When cleaning make sure you do it gently to avoid friction.

Get your lash extensions refills from time to time.

Everything mentioned above is important but this one is very important. To maintain your fuller and healthy lashes you should fix your appointment after every 2 weeks.

Longer gaps between the sessions will create gaps in your lashes as the natural lashes fall.

You should get it done before this happens as it can make your eyes look ugly.

Brush your lashes

Lashes can stick with each other after a bath or cleaning brush it to separate each hair strand but be careful while doing it


How to wear fake lashes safely?

If it is very urgent to wear your fake lashes then you should be careful in every step of it.

First of all, do not go for a cheap lash. Buy good-quality lashes that are lighter in weight and are made up of natural hair.

Now while applying the glue, do not apply excess of it. Apply a very thin layer of glue and wait for 30 sec before applying the lashes to it.

This way the glue doesn’t drip on to the lash.

Remove the lashes carefully with the use of makeup remover to avoid any kind of damage on the lashes.