Can you wear eyeliner with lash extensions?

Many people wish to get lash extensions to get rid of the hectic morning of wearing mascara and preventing the side effects caused by it. And eyeliner is still needed to give a complete finish to your face.

But many people wonder if the lash extensions are used to give full makeup to the eye, then

Can you wear eyeliner with Lash extensions?

Yes, you can wear eyeliner with Lash extensions. The extensions give an intense look to your eyelashes but the outline of the eyelids needs to be embraced with eyeliner.

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are an additional layer of false eyelashes that are stuck over the natural eyelashes on the eyelids. It makes eyelashes look thicker, darker, and intense without the application of any type of mascara.

These extensions need regular refills from 2 to 3 weeks.

Advantages of wearing eyeliner with Lash extensions

Eyeliner is a prominent eye makeup product that is the initial stage for beginning the makeup. From beginners to professionals, no one can go without using eyeliner.

Eyeliners can be of different types according to their viscosity and packaging such as gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, etc with additional qualities of being waterproof, heatproof, and persistent for long hours besides several others it possesses.

It defines the shape of the eyes provided it is applied in the correct manner.

It is advised to apply a layer of white eyeliner to the waterline of the eyes to give an illusion look. It may be followed by any color of eyeliner you wish to apply but a black eyeliner must be applied on the lower portion of the eyelid.

It helps to manage and neutralize the redness around the eyes.

Begin with applying the eyeliner away from the inner corners of the eye to create the look you want. Using a nude eyeliner on the inner corners gives a younger look.

It is important to choose the color of the eyeliner according to your skin tone. A darker shade usually makes the eyes look very different from reality which makes them appear unnatural.

Use a soft brush to smudge the eyeliner along the defining points of the eye to make them more attractive.

One needs to know the correct position of the wing of the eyeliner while using it.

Do not extend the eyeliner beyond the corner of the eye when not applying it to the lower lash line.

Start by giving an outline along with the eyes with light strokes followed by dark and smooth and filling of the eyeliner.

Why is an eyeliner worn with Lash extensions?

Everyone knows that the lash extensions intensify the look of the eyes even without doing full eye makeup. But wearing eyeliner is still a choice among many people to beautify it more.

Along with beautifying the eyes and giving them a full look, there are several other factors due to which eyeliner is commonly worn with lash extensions. These are given below-

Hiding the false strip

The false lashes are attached to the natural eyelashes with the help of a strip that is stuck on the eyelids.

The strip is usually black. By applying eyeliner along the outline of the eyelids, even the false strip can be hidden or made less visible.

The extensions thus appear to be a part of the eye.

Blending the extensions with the natural eyelashes

Anything you just added to the body does not appear to be a complete part of it. So do the extensions which do not blend with the natural eyelashes.

The natural eyelashes are curled and put mascara on to blend them with extensions. Applying an eyeliner over the waterline of the eyelids makes the procedure of blending more effective while providing fullness to the eyelashes.

Keeping up with the looks

People who want to give a darker or extensive intense look to their eyes go for eyelash extensions.

Applying eyeliner along with eyelash extensions completes this dark look of the eyes making it look perfect.

Best type of eyeliners with lash extensions

The best type of eyeliners which can be used with Lash extensions are given below-

Liquid Eyeliner

These are as easy to remove as they are to apply. They form a settled layer over the strip of extensions.

Powder Eyeliner

It is applied to the eyes with the help of a brush. This does not disturb the arrangement of eyelashes on the eye.

Water-based eyeliner

Oil-based eyeliners are never used with Lash extensions as they break the bonds between the glue and eyelids. Water-based eyeliners should thus be used.

Caked Eyeliner

This creates a smudged look around the eyes which makes extensions look like a part of the eye.


How to apply eyeliner with Lash extensions?

  • It is important to clean your lashes before you apply anything to them. This can be done by washing, combing, and drying them.
  • Place the liquid eyeliner behind the eyelashes before you properly apply it.
  • Start its application from the inner corner of the eye and move towards the outer corner.
  • Start with wings on both eyes if you want that look.
  • Do not let the eyeliner touch the eyelashes. Apply it above the lash lines in a way that it doesn’t touch the extensions.
  • Avoid excessive layering of the eyeliner.
  • Do not apply the eyeliner to the roots or point of attachment of the extensions.
  • Do not put any kind of pressure on the extensions while applying the eyeliner.

How to remove eyeliner with Lash extensions?

  • Take a lighter and lint-free material such as a makeup brush.
  • Dip it into the lash shampoo or eye makeup remover. Make sure that the product is oil-free.
  • Gently rub the eyeliner on your eyelids without applying pressure.
  • Do not make any random movements on the eyelids while removing them.
  • Wash the eyelashes and comb them.


What happens if mascara is applied on eyelashes?

A mascara must not be ever applied to the eyelashes. The eyelashes are attached to the eyelids with the help of glue.

Mascara can go deep into the base of the lash extensions and gradually break the bond between the lashes and the eyelid skin.

This causes the extensions to fall off the eyes and even the natural eyelashes weaken over time and fall off. Also, applying any type of oil whether homemade or chemical-based is harmful to lash extension.

This also gets into the base of the eyelashes which breaks the bonds between the glue.


Eyeliner with Lash extensions gives a complete look to the eyes. But certain things have to be always kept in mind such as using an oil-free eyeliner.  Choose an eyeliner that can blend well with the color of your extensions and is compatible. Follow these simple tips and tricks to get the perfect look with eyeliner and lash extensions.