Can you wear eyelash extensions with glasses?

People who wear glasses usually curse themselves as their eyes are not very visible. Your pretty eyes are hidden behind the glasses. If I am not wrong you also want fuller, voluminous eyelashes just like other girls but are tired of your glasses that snatches away all the attention from your eyes.

Extensions are one of the alternatives to mascara but  –

Can you wear eyelash extensions with glasses?

You can wear eyelash extensions with glasses. For that, you need to choose an appropriate length of the lashes. Take your glasses along with you to the salon and get your eyelashes considering that it does not rub against your lenses.

When you wear glasses there are probably multiple questions when it comes to having extensions read below to know.

What should be the ideal length of extension if you wear glasses?

Any short length and well-curled lashes would work with your glasses. It is found that the middle of your lashes is more likely to bang against the lens of your glasses.

Explain this to your stylist and he will do it as you want and also an experienced stylist would already know what he has to do. So, no need to worry.

Just take your glasses along with you to your salon So, that the stylist can understand and give you a perfect length.


Will glasses hide my eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions make your eyes pop and draw everyone’s attention to it despite wearing glasses. So don’t worry your eyelash extension will be visible even if you wear glasses.

It is obvious to think that the frame or the reflection will hide your eyelash extension but this is probably not the case.


Does wearing lashes with glasses make the extensions fall out?

Lashes should not fall out unless there is friction between your lashes and glasses. If your extension is constantly getting rubbed against the lenses then chances are for early shedding of lenses.

Due to this reason only, it is preferred to go for an ideal length of the lashes to prevent any kind of damage.

What kind of glasses should I wear with extension?

You do not have to change your glasses as far as your stylist can judge the distance between your eyelash and the frame.

You can wear any kind of glasses with your eyelash extension.

Is wearing a contact lens the solution?

If you are not able to find any way your extension fits with your glasses then you can any day switch to contact lenses.

How to wear contact lenses with eyelash extensions?

It is adviced to clean your hands first properly before touching a lense.

Steps to follow –

  1. Make sure the lense is hydrated with solution.
  2. Pull down the bottom lid of the eye
  3. Place the lense on the eye’s surface very carefully.
  4. Move your eye around to see whether the lense has properly settled in or not.

Cautions to take –

  • Do not pull the upper lid up as the lashes are attached on that part
  • Make sure no lashes fall between the lens and eye surface as it may cause some irritation.
  • Make sure to not touch the upper lid often as it may break an eyelash or extension

Alternatives for eyelash extensions

You can look for alternatives for eyelash extenstions as well.

1. Mascara

The makeup industry is huge! There are popular brands that claim to be cruelty-free.

Choose a mascara from that brand and voila! You can get fuller lashes within seconds. As mascara is a temporary thing you can change your look more often than

Tip- Applying the mascara after curling your lashes makes them fuller and voluminous.

2. Fake lashes

Going for a fake lash that is made up of fiber is a great alternative for extensions. They are cheap, more flexible, and not permanent. As it’s not permanent you can go according to your mood.

Fake lashes are heavy and that is one of its drawbacks. Well, using it with care is not a bad idea.

3. Grow them naturally

If you do not have trust in any products and believe that they can not be vegan then the only option is to grow them naturally.

Use growth serum daily on your lashes to grow them.

Seek the help of a dermatologist for better guidance.