Can you use gel eyeliner for eyebrows?

If you have gel eyeliners then let me tell you it has so many more uses than you think. If you make a random search now a day you will find several uses for a single product. This develops a curiosity in our mind and we try to use our basic products in different ways.

Can you use gel eyeliner for eyebrows?

You can use gel eyeliners for eyebrows but make sure to use a similar color as your brow. If used correctly it can turn out well.

To try out such hacks you need to be neat and avoid small mistakes to make it work and replace it with an original product.

It is important to understand that alternatives will always remain alternatives; they can’t be as effective as the original product.


Things to keep in mind when using gel eyeliner for eyebrows

When you use your gel eyeliner as your eyebrow pomade you need to keep a few things in mind to get a perfect look.

The shade of gel eyeliner

If you have made up your mind that you are going to use your gel eyeliner on your eyebrows, kindly make sure that it matches your eyebrows otherwise it can make your eyebrows look unnatural and quite weird.

Most makeup artists suggest using brown gel eyeliner for eyebrows.


Eyeliners have smudging properties because of which you should use a little bit of product. A lot of products will ruin your eyebrows making them look weird. Use a minimal quantity of product.

Choose a proper brush

You can use eyeliner as your eyebrow pomade but use a proper eyebrow brush for that. An eyeliner brush won’t work.



How to use gel eyeliner for eyebrows?

You can use gel eyeliners as your eyebrow pomade and to tone your eyebrows here is how you can do it.

1. Start with your skincare or makeup

Clean your face with your preferred cleanser and then apply your foundation and the rest of your base. You can even do your lipstick and blush as of now.

2. Groom your eyebrows

Grooming your eyebrows will provide them a definition. Pluck out any extra hair and make it clean. comb your eyebrows outwards.

3. Apply gel liner

Apply a little bit of gel liner at the back of your hands

4. Outline the bottom edge of your eyebrow

Outline the bottom edge of your eyebrows with the help of a thin angled brush. Pick the product from the back of your hand and start to outline the bottom of your eyebrow with small strokes. Do not overline your eyebrows within the eyebrow starting from the inner corner to the outer end.

5. Blend the gel liner upward

Use a brush to blend the gel liner into the body of the eyebrow. Move the brush in an upward direction. Make sure to wipe off any excess product from the brush.

6. Fill the eyebrow

Use the flatter side of your angled brush to fill in the eyebrows with small storks going upwards.

7. Use a clean spoolie to comb brow

With a clean spoolie, you can give a final comb to your eyebrows and you are done. upwards towards the inner part of your eyebrow, and outwards and down towards the end of your eyebrow.

8. Clean it up with some liquid concealer

Choose a concealer that either matches your skin tone or is one shade lighter. Using a thin brush, apply the concealer along the bottom edge of your eyebrow. Apply it just below the hairs so that it doesn’t accidentally smudge the gel eyeliner.

The disadvantage of using gel eyeliner for eyebrows

Gel eyeliners do not have many disadvantages, but there are some. Gel eyeliner looks a bit unnatural. It is obvious as the color of the gel eyeliners is darker than a natural eyebrow is.

The gel eyeliner can give you a hard time blending. it does not blend easily with your brows.

Gel liners can come off earlier. They do not stay as long as eyebrow gels.

Rest, it all depends on your way of using it. use it in the proper quantity and shade to make the best out of it.