Can you use eyeliner as lip liner?

“There is no rule to makeup” I agree with it and because of this motto, weird things are happening over the internet. There are girls out there who are using one product for several uses.

Not only this saves your money but also turns out better than the present.

But, without going ahead be careful and do plenty of research along with it so that you don’t risk anything.

Can you use eyeliner as lip liner?

Yes you can use eyeliner as a lip liner but, this is not much advisable. However, the lip liner and the creamy pencil eyeliner have almost similar formulas but still, there are few eyeliner pencils that state it’s “not safe for lips” in that case you may avoid using them.

In many cases, it has been seen to be the reverse of the current scenario. People use lip liners as an eyeliner but that is not safe at all. Do not try it. The article has detailed information regarding why or why not you can use eyeliner as a lip liner.


Reasons to use eyeliner as lip liners

The best part is that you can use eyeliner as a lip liner but only the eyeliner pencil one. The eyeliner which is creamy and comes in a stick or pencil which is a look-alike of a lip liner is the best eyeliner to use. Here are a few reasons why you should use eyeliner as a lip liner.

  • Eyeliners are available in the shades which are found in lip liners. So, if you’re planning a dark look inspired by Vampire Dairies and can’t find a perfect lip liner, then you can anyway go for eyeliners.
  • Eyeliner and lip liners have pretty much the same formula which makes it the best alternative for lip liners.
  • Most of the eyeliners are waterproof and smudge-proof which will increase the longevity of your lips.
  • Eyeliner pencils are much cheaper than lip liners. However, we know that there are a couple of lip liners that are available at cheap prices but they won’t offer the best formula. At the same price, you can get an eyeliner pencil that will fit in at the same price.

Things to know before you use eyeliner as lip liners

Eyeliners can be used as lip liners but still, you need to know much about if ==t before using it as a lip liner. Whenever you are using your eyeliner as your lip liner make sure that it is sanitized. It will be better if you keep your products separate.

This is suggested to avoid cross-contamination.

Using eyeliner as lip liners doesn’t mean that you can use your lip liners on the eye. your lip liners may contain some ingredients that can harm your eye So, beware of them.

Before using the eyeliner as your lip liner, do prep your lips. Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub and then apply a lip balm.

After this process, you can easily apply your eyeliner.

You have used your eyeliner as your lip liner but do not forget to blend the liner using a lip brush only. It will give a more natural look to your lips.

Can I use liquid eyeliner as a lip liner?

Yes, you can use liquid eyeliner as a lip liner because it does not contain any harmful chemicals. But it won’t be very accessible to use.

You will have to be very careful after using the lip liner as it can taste bitter. Also, it takes a lot of timers to completely dry out. It can get a little dry after the usage to be prepared for that thing too.


Can I use gel eyeliners as lip liners?

Yes, you can use gel liners as lip liners. It is better than liquid liners. They are smudge-proof and easy to use. These liners get blended easily and work exactly like lip liners.

To get better results you can even go by applying a little eyeshadow over it. this will give a long-lasting effect on it.


What else can I use as a lip liner?

One option is clear that you can use eyeliner as a lip liner. Booth lipstick and gel another option here is to use lipstick only.

The hack behind that is to use a very thin lip brush to collect the little amount of lipstick and then line accordingly. This needs skills but can perfectly act as a lip liner.

Does eyeliner have any other uses?

Yes! apart from using eyeliner as lip liner, you can use a gel eyeliner for toning eyebrows. It is also a good alternative if you do not have an eyebrow probe.

Eyeliner can also be used as kohl which will be more long-lasting than kohl.
Many professionals also use eyeliner for a Smokey eye look. It looks so good and sets better than an eyeshadow.