Can you trim eyelashes?

Most people wish to extend the length of their eyelashes. But there are certain complications related to long eyelashes and one wishes to trim them to the required length.
Now, the question is-

Can you trim your eyelashes?

Yes, the eyelashes can be trimmed. Both the natural eyelashes as well as the false extensions can be trimmed. It can be easily done at home with the help of small scissors or nail trimmer by cutting down the strands starting from the outer edges. Even the false extensions can be trimmed off before they are placed over the natural eyelashes.

Things to keep in mind while trimming the eyelashes

One must know how to trim the eyelashes or get someone’s help to do so. One needs to be extremely careful while doing so because of the eyes being such a delicate, sensitive, and crucial organ of the body.

Long eyelashes can cause irritation in the eyes as hair is likely to fall in them.

They can be a precursor to many chronic diseases of the eye too.

  1. Trim your eyelashes in a place where the light is bright enough to be able to closely keep a notice of the eyelashes. It must be ensured that the light does not fall directly on the eyelashes or in the eye.
  2. It is always advised to get someone else to trim your eyelashes. The eyelashes can thus be trimmed while keeping the eyelids closed that will prevent the cut air from entering into the eye. It also reduces the chances of cuts in the eye area.
  3. When using false lashes, try to trim them before you apply them to your natural eyelashes. Start by cutting the outer edges of the false eyelashes according to your natural eyelashes. Place the false eyelashes over the natural ones and trim from the inner corners if required to give it a more natural appearance.
  4. Be extra careful when using the trimming device and start by making minute cuts so that you do not cut any extra length of the eyebrows.
  5. Clean your eyelashes and eyelids thoroughly before you start trimming the eyelashes.


How to trim the natural eyelashes?

Sometimes, the natural eyelashes grow too long that are often inconvenient and one wishes to reduce their length. For this, one has to go for trimming which can be done at home by one’s own self. Here are simplified steps on how to trim your eyelashes easily at home.

  1. Make sure that the mirror is correctly placed according to your height and angle of the eye. Choose a mirror which is wide and clear.
  2. You can use a pair of small scissors or a nail trimmer or an eyelash trimmer.
  3. Start trimming from the outer edges and move towards the inner edge by trimming the eyelashes strand by strand.
  4. Try not to cut any extra length of the lashes.
  5. You may use an eyelash curler in between while trimming your eyelashes as they bend the eyelashes slightly upwards making it easy for the short eyelashes to be trimmed.
  6. Do not pull or rub the eyelashes while trimming or after you finish trimming.
  7. Check the trimming by applying a single coat of organic mascara.


How to trim the false eyelashes?

The false eyelashes are readily available in the market in different shapes, lengths, colors and volumes. It is highly possible that these false eyelashes are not compatible with the length of the natural eyelashes. In such cases, the false eyelashes are to be trimmed and this can be done at home too. Below are the steps to trim your false eyelashes easily at home.

  1. Take the false eyelashes and compare its length with that of the natural eyelashes by holding it against them. If the false eyelashes are longer, take a nail scissor or an eyelash trimmer and cut the lashes from the outer edge. Make sure that both the eyelashes are of the nearly same length.
  2. The natural eyelashes have a curved ‘C’ shape. Curve the false eyelashes in a ‘C’ shape to fit in the natural shape of the eyelashes.
  3. Apply some glue on the fixing strip of the false eyelash. Use a cotton dab if you feel that the glue is applied in excess.
  4. Let the glue dry up slightly before you stick it to the real eyelashes.
  5. Carefully place the false eyelashes on the real eyelashes and press it down. Make sure that their edge outline and corners coincide with each other.
  6. If they do not coincide, trim the false eyelashes once again but this time starting from the inner edges.
  7. Squeeze the natural and false eyelashes with each other and now they would be of the same length.
  8. Your false eyelashes are trimmed according to the natural eyelashes.


Trimming the eyelashes has become essential to avoid the discomforts and inconvenience related to their long length. It is always better to get them trimmed by someone else rather than doing it yourself when natural eyelashes are to be trimmed. The major part of trimming in false eyelashes is done before they are placed over the natural eyelashes.