Can you sleep with fake eyelashes?

Doing makeup requires a lot of time and effort and it can be very tiring sometimes. And removing makeup can be more tiring than that. Returning from an event and then removing your makeup is a task.

Fake eyelashes are also part of your makeup. Sometimes, you are too tired that you enter your house and just crash but the question is –

Can you sleep with fake eyelashes on?

No! one should not sleep with fake lashes on. It can prove to be very dangerous for your eyelids and eyelashes, and cause infections like dermatitis and conjunctivitis.

Experts suggest removing your makeup every day before heading to bed and they are not wrong. Many skin problems and infections take place while you sleep with makeup on.


Can you sleep with fake eyelashes on?

It is not advised to sleep with your fake lashes on any day. Even if you are tired or sleepy, there is no excuse for them. Your eyes are very precious and you do not want any harm to them. Any infection in your eye will not make your appearance bad but also come between various important work.

If by chance you have slept with your eyelashes on, look for symptoms like swelling, itching, dryness, or redness, and straight away head to a doctor. These can be a sign of conjunctivitis.

These infections can happen because fake lashes glue contains a chemical called Formaldehyde which is the main cause of infections. That is why one must NEVER sleep with fake eyelashes on.

Fake eyelashes also tend to trap the dirt in themselves unlike real eyelashes and this gives heads to the bacteria to attack and grow on your eyelids.


How harmful are fake eyelashes?

The thing that makes fake eyelashes harmful is that the eyelash glue Is infused with a lot of chemicals.

Its ingredients include solvents, surfactants, and ammonium hydroxide. Some glues may also contain glycol ether. All these ingredients can be toxic and irritating to the skin.

Eyelash glue is made with numerous ingredients, some of them are not even listed on the packaging which makes it difficult for you to check if it is allergic or not.

You might be allergic to any of the chemicals inside the eyelash glue which you are unaware of, this can trigger an allergic reaction.

Most people are allergic to latex that is found inside eyelash glue. In that case, it can lead to severe problems like contact dermatitis.

You may not want to directly test this on your eye, it is recommended to go to a dermatologist before getting eyelash extension or applying eyelash glue directly on your eyelids. This will prevent any infection or allergy with these products.

Cheap fake eyelashes are very heavy that bends down your natural eyelash and can cause early fallout of eyelash that is mostly irreversible.


How to prevent an allergic reaction from fake eyelashes?

The first thing is not to sleep with fake lashes on. As mentioned above there are pretty clear reasons why you should not do that. When sleeping with your eyelashes on they rub with your pillow and can cause irritation in your eyes.

Not only your eyes but your fake lashes will also get damaged and then you will be in a need to buy a new one. To avoid any such happening remove your falsies before sleep. Just like any other makeup product eyelashes are also an investment.

Believe in sustainability and preserve them like any other product.

Apart from this try taking care of your natural lashes. Wash them gently with soap and water after removing your lashes every night. Moisturize them with essential oil. Make sure there is no glue left on the eyelids.

Incorporate vitamin and protein-rich diet. Remember protein is an element that initiates growth in your body.


How to wear fake lashes safely?

If it is very urgent to wear your fake lashes then you should be careful in every step of it. first of all, do not go for a cheap lash. Buy good-quality lashes that are lighter in weight and are made up of natural hair.

Now while applying the glue, do not apply excess of it. Apply a very thin layer of glue and wait for 30 sec before applying the lashes to it. this way the glue doesn’t drip onto the lash.

Remove the lashes carefully with the use of makeup remover to avoid any kind of damage on the lashes.