Can you put lip gloss over matte lipstick?

Makeup is all about experimenting with your looks. You can mix and match every other product for a better look. Recently we have come across a lot of unexpected trends which turn out to be really exciting. Like using your eyeshadow as your eyeliner, lipstick as your blush, or mixing concealer with lipstick for a matte lipstick. All of this has proven to be a good hack.
Keeping this in mind, let us discuss, can you put lip gloss over matte lipstick?

Matte lipsticks make your lips look smaller and sometimes chapped, applying a lip gloss over your matte lipstick will make it look fuller and glossy. This hack is worth trying.

Lip gloss is always a go-to product for ones having smaller lips. The shiny and glossy effect of a lip gloss gives a fuller effect to your lips. Here are some other ways and quick step-by-step details of how you can attain this. Also, know how to make your lip gloss last longer.


Benefits of putting lip gloss over matte lipstick?

Matte lipsticks have a texture that makes your lip look smaller as it sits perfectly through your lips. There are many ways to make it look fuller like overlining your lips by applying the extra product but, once you will use lip gloss there is no going back.

Lip gloss gives your matte look a gradient look which other products might fail to give. It makes your lips look far better than your regular lips.

Lip gloss is not that pigmented but if you are simply obsessed with both lip gloss and pigment then this might be a life savior hack. Apply lip gloss over your matte lipstick to have a glossy look with the pigment of a lipstick.


How to apply lip gloss over matte lipstick for a perfect look?

Follow the below steps accordingly to get a perfect lookout of lipstick and lip gloss.

Step 1- Start by prepping your lip

Exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub. It will help in removing dead skin and provide you a smoother base for your lipstick. After scrubbing apply lip balm for protection and hydration.

Step 2- Apply your lipstick

Start applying your lipstick on your prepped lips. Apply it slowly making sure it is even from all the sides. repeat the coat if needed.

Step 3- Add your gloss

Apply the gloss just on the center for a gradient look and all over for a fuller look. Apply if slowly and do not rub. Rubbing can remove the pigment from your lips. Let your lip gloss dry a little but you are done.


How can I make lip gloss last the whole day?

Lip gloss actually washes off as we eat or drink. It keeps on transferring from your lips to everywhere else. Here is a life hack that will help your lip gloss last a while.

To keep your lip gloss at a place always remember to apply it on exfoliated lips. Use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips. Use a lip primer on your lips. Just like face primer lip primer helps your lip gloss to stay all day long. You can use lip primers that are specially made for lip glosses.

Another hack is to line your lips and then apply lip gloss. This will stop your lip gloss from migrating.

One of the hacks is to either apply a lip balm at the base which will also keep your lips hydrated or apply a translucent powder which will keep your gloss in place and will last longer.


How can you layer lipgloss over lipstick?

Here is the video which explains the whole process.