Can you eat lemon seeds? Is it poisonous?

Most of us think that the fruits and vegetables are not edible and we throw them away. But little do we know that they give us benefits that even the original fruits cannot provide. Talking about the most common fruit that is widely used in lemonades, salad garnishings, adding taste to cooked meals- we have lemons. We throw away its seeds if by chance it comes to our mouth as they taste sour or bitter.
A question that many people want to know an answer to is-

Can you eat lemon seeds? Is it safe?

Yes, lemon seeds are edible and can be consumed in their original nature. They taste sour due to the presence of salicylic acid but are extremely safe to eat. It is safe to have 2-3 lemon seeds a day that provides benefits such as promoting healthy skin, pain relief, and keeping the body young.


Properties of lemon seeds

Lemon seeds contain salicylic acid for pain removal, antioxidants containing high amounts of Vitamin C, essential oils good for skin, amino acids, proteins, and fats. It is advised to consume 2-3 lemon seeds.


Benefits of eating lemon seeds

Lemon seeds are full of nutrients that provide various benefits to humans. Lemon seeds have become a part of the regular diet of most people. The benefits are-

1. Detoxification

We know that lemon juice helps in the exfoliation of the body. But consuming lemon seeds dispersed in the juice is actually very good for us.

It has detoxifying properties that prevent infections in the body by naturally eliminating bacteria, parasites, and other unwanted microbes.

2. Relief from pain

Salicylic acid present in lemon seeds is the main component of the common pain reliever, aspirin.

Consuming lemon seeds is a good option to consider when suffering from pains such as headache, backache, body ache, etc rather than depending on medicines.

3. Prevent threadworm infection and candidiasis

Threadworms reside inside the alimentary canal and cause digestive problems, especially in children. Candidiasis is a fungal infection of the digestive system.

The detoxifying properties present in lemon naturally help in eliminating the threadworms and other microbes and fungus present inside the body reducing the chance of such infections.

Lemon seeds can be crushed and boiled with milk or water to remove the residence of such microbes.

4. Promotes healthy skin growth

Lemon itself is the powerhouse of Vitamin C and the seeds have even greater amounts of this vitamin.

Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant that is quick in its function.

It keeps the skin healthy and young. Lemon seeds or lemon is an active ingredient of many skincare products as well.

5. Prevents acne and skin inflammations

Lemon seeds contain essential oils that deeply nourish the skin and do not let any inflammations happen due to change of season or prevailing allergens.

These oils have antibacterial properties

6. Treating antibiotic-resistant infections

Lemon seeds have antibacterial properties. These are known to cure internal body infections including urinary tract infections which are often not cured by other common medicines due to antibiotics resistance.

Either the extract or the whole seed can be consumed to treat such infections.


Lemon seeds provide miscellaneous benefits other than this such as-

  • Helping in weight loss
  • Protecting from common cold and flu
  • Curing scurvy, caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin C
  • Treating morning sickness

Are lemon seeds poisonous or harmful to eat?

Some people think that lemon seeds are poisonous to consume but actually, they are not.

They have a bitter taste due to the presence of salicylic acid which is a prime ingredient of Aspirin, a pill used to treat body aches and pains.

However, excess of anything can be dangerous and so is the case with lemon seeds. Consuming more lemon seeds than required can lead to serious problems.

It is safe to consume 2-3 lemon seeds in a day.

They should not be consumed by those who have digestive problems or irritated bowel syndrome as the hard seed coat contains astringent which can further increase the problem.


Consumption of lemon seeds during pregnancy

Boosts immunity and promotes foetal health

Flavonoids present in lemon are great immunity boosters alongside Vitamin C present in lemon for both the baby and the mother.

The presence of eriocitrin and hesperetin can help in preventing and fighting all types of infections.

Reduces Nausea

Lemon seeds help in controlling morning sickness and reduce nausea.

So, it is a cure for pregnancy-related discomforts. Even inhalation of lemon seeds oil can make the mother-to-be feel relaxed.

Ensuring Hydration

It helps in keeping the body hydrated that helps in the growth and development of the cells, facilitates digestion, regulates body temperature and helps in eliminating body wastes.

Side effects

It can also cause some side effects to pregnant women such as tooth erosion and heartburns.

Tooth erosion occurs due to the presence of Citric Acid that creates an acidic environment in the mouth that can rupture the enamel of the tooth due to which the teeth can appear rough.

The same reason can be extended to why heartburns are felt. It therefore becomes important to consume lemon seeds but in right and required amounts.


Things to know before consuming lemon seeds

  • Use lemon seeds only as supplements. Consult a doctor if you wish to use it in the medicinal form to concur any side effects.
  • It is advised to consume the lemon seeds in a crushed form rather than consuming the seed as a whole. They would prevent the chances of digestive problems. It also makes it easier for the intestine to absorb the nutrients and properly digest them.


Video showing what happens when lemon is eaten everyday



Final words

Lemon seeds are a great source of nutrients that are healthy for your body. One must include a small number of lemon seeds in our diets in the required amount. Check if the seeds suit you before actually taking them regularly. Take the advice from your doctor if you face any side effects.