Can you drink expired coffee?

Coffee is the most liked beverage all around the world. It is liked in all its forms such as cold coffee, hot coffee, beat coffee, coffee powder, coffee bars, etc. It is known to all that coffee has a longer shelf life if it is stored properly. But all products go bad with time and so does coffee which expires after a certain period.
A question that most people want an answer to is-

Can you drink expired coffee?

Yes, you may drink expired coffee as it does not cause any physical or health threats but it is not recommended to do so as its ingredients have already undergone oxidation that reduces its taste and flavor, so the coffee smells and tastes stale.


How long does coffee last?

Most brands manufacture and pack their coffee in a way that it does not get spoiled easily.

This can be done by using nitrogen gas that is food safe or sealing the coffee bags or container with the help of a vacuum so that no moisture or oxygen is present inside the packaging.

It is important to seal the coffee container tightly after each use and store them in a dry and dark place away from direct sunlight.

If using coffee beans, crush the required amount into the powdered form enough for the amount of coffee you wish to make.

This will retain the natural flavor and aroma of the coffee beans for a longer time rather than grinding all of them at once.

An opened pack of coffee beans lasts for as long as 6 months if stored properly.

The roasted coffee grounds must be stored in a cool and dry place to have a shelf life of 5 months but it is recommended to use it within 2-3 months after it is opened.

The best flavor and taste lasts for just 2 weeks but can be used further.

Coffee pods have a 6-8 months shelf life as they come properly packed with a foil lid. The seals do not damage easily and ensure an airtight environment for ground coffee.

Instant coffee has a life of 1-2 years if unopened. However, they should be used immediately when opened and not even a few hours after that as they are prone to oxidation that can disturb their elements. It lasts longer than all other forms of coffee.


Factors due to which coffee can expire early

Coffee can go bad due to the following factors-

1. Light

Exposure to direct sunlight can alter the properties of coffee. These are thus never stored in transparent glass jars but in jars that are darker in appearance and kept away from light.

Coffee is recommended to be stored in dark places, preferably inside pantry boxes.

2. Heat

Any edible product can go bad if exposed to high temperatures. Coffee also becomes bad if exposed to high heat before brewing. It worsens its taste and flavor.

Therefore, coffee should be placed in a cool environment away from direct heat and light.

3. Oxygen

Coffee becomes stale immediately when exposed to oxygen for a longer time.

It is thus stored in air-tight containers that do not let the coffee go bad. It should never be kept open without a lid.

4. Moisture

Coffee can go bad in hot and humid conditions.

It is, therefore, necessary to store it in air-tight containers in a dry and cool place.


How to identify if your coffee has expired?

You can test whether your coffee has gone bad or is still fresh by observing the following factors-

1. Color change

The color of the coffee usually changes once it goes bad. That can be an identifying feature to warn you of its expiry. However, some coffees can retain their color even after they go bad.

2. Smell

Even the aroma that you get when you open a container of coffee or smell a coffee bag changes after it is expired or spoiled.

The flavors make the coffee the way it is, and if they are destroyed, there is no chance of consuming the coffee. It is the most important factor you should look for if you doubt the state of the coffee.

Fresh or good coffee always smells fresh and aromatized.

3. Taste

If you drink bad coffee, you will know that it is not fresh from the very first sip. An expired coffee tastes much different than a fresh one.


Video showing what happens to expired coffee



Final words

It is now clear that expired coffee can do no harm to the body but should not even be consumed too. Coffee helps in burning fat and improving the energy levels of the body. It also has essential nutrients that lower the risk of certain diseases while giving you a healthy lifestyle. Over-consumption of coffee can impose a threat too.