Can you curl eyelash extensions?

The eyelash extensions give the required curl, thickness, length, and look to the eyelashes. Many people still wish to curl eyelash extensions as per their requirement.

The question that interrupts most of the people is –

Can you curl eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can curl your eyelash extensions but it’s actually the natural eyelashes that get curled. This is because eyelash extensions already have a preset curl. Curling the extensions according to the type of curl, thickness or length is not a tedious task.

One can easily do so by following the steps given in this article.


How to curl your eyelash extensions?

The eyelash extensions do not exactly provide the curl we want. When going to a party, meeting, or any other event, one wishes to give a certain type of curl to the extensions.

The best ways to curl your eyelash extensions are-

1. Check whether the curler is prepared

You need to check the curler first. Heat the curler and blow dry it from the top.

Tap the curler on your inner wrists to check its temperature.

The best curls are made when the curler is neither too warm nor too cold. A proper temperature would give the eyelashes a perfect lift alongside giving the required curl.

2. Set the position of your eyes

You need to get the curler closest to the eyelashes but keep it away from its base.

Your eyes need to be halfway open and the curler should be on your eyelashes, distant from the base. It should be placed along the lash line.

3. Tap the curler before curling

It is important to pulse down or tap the curler for 5-6 times before you actually start to curl.

After that, start curling your extensions going very slow. It’s extremely important to start slowly to avoid any accidents with the skin.

4. Creating the curls

Once you gently grab the extensions into the curler, hold the lashes and slightly lift it towards the forehead with the help of its handle.

The curls created would give an intense look.

5. The last curls

Only the near base extensions will appear somewhat straight at this point. The curls would look natural only if they are through the entire eyelash extension.

Pulse the curler a few more times and move it down along the extensions. Place it at the back of the extensions and pulse it once more.

6. Locking the curls

Choose a voluminous mascara to lock the curls made in the extensions.

This would hold the curls in place for no less than 24 hours. Do not apply mascara before curling your extensions.

Apply it only after you’ve curled them and that too just a single or double coat, not more than that.


Why do Eyelash extensions lose their curls after some time?

The extensions look awesome till 2-3 weeks but start losing their grace after that.

This is probably because they have lost their curls or the curls have been reduced.

This mostly happens due to lifestyle practices.

Some of the reasons why extensions lose their curls after some time are-

1. Long water-exposure

The extensions are made of artificial materials, most of which tend to shrink when wet e.g. mink. This makes them lose their curls and become straight. So, an extra curl is required.

2. Exposure to high heat

This may be while cooking over the gas stove at high temperature or any other type of high heat exposure. Heat alternates the extensions and they lose their curls.

This is mainly because of the thermoplastic fibers used in the making of synthetic eyelash extensions that tend to lose their shape when overheated.

Do not open the microwave when it’s just switched off. Wait for sometime and then go or maintain distance. Also, do not blow dry your extensions and protect them even when you blow dry your hair.

3. Improper sleeping postures

Rough pillowcases or even sleeping on your face or on your side can damage the extensions.

They experience pressure for a long time due to which they lose their curls. They can also fall off in this case.

4. Irregular and improper cleaning

The extensions need to be cleaned regularly for their maintenance. It is important to remove any kind of makeup you wear before you go to sleep.


Benefits of wearing eyelash extensions

Beautifying the eyes

The eyelashes look long, thick, and wavy when extensions are added. These not be removed while sleeping and is thus a viable and effortless option.

Instant effect

The eyelash extensions start showing their effect as soon as they are applied. One can notice an instant curl, lift, thickness, and enhanced look of the eyelashes.

Relief from mascara

The work of a mascara is already done by the extensions. You no more need to apply it to add thickness, length, color, or curl to the eyelashes.

The eyelash extensions are already filled with these qualities.

It keeps you away from chemical based mascara which actually damages your eyelashes over time.

The stress related to removal has also decreased to almost zero.

Customisable for all

The eyelash extensions can be customized according to one’s own choice. They can be made according to the required length, thickness, color, and curl. There are a lot of patterns available with the stylists.

Resistant to water

You can safely shower, swim, and sweat with the eyelash extensions. Once the extensions have been applied for 48 hours, you can go anywhere and do anything.

The only thing you need to take care of is stay away from high heat.


People have their own preferences when it comes to the extensions; some want it to be voluminous, some want it to be curled, some want it to be long, etc. One needs to be