Can you change eye color with honey?

It is human nature that we wish to have things different from what God has already given us. Same goes for the eye colour too. People with brown wish to have black those with black wish to have Hazel and the list goes on like that. The chemical treatments for changing your eye colour is not affordable by all and can also have side effects related to it. Wearing coloured lenses is also not a good option if one wants to change the colour of the eye permanently.
The question that comes in the minds of most people is-

Can you change the eye colour with honey?

Yes you can change the eye colour with honey. It is a brilliant natural product to change the colour of your eyes permanently. Changing the eye color with honey is extremely safe and one can notice the results after 2 weeks of continuous results. Just combine distilled water and honey in the ratio of 1:5 and pour it into the eyes drop by drop.


How to put honey in your eyes?

Honey has great antiseptic properties that are very beneficial for the eyes.

One should keep in mind that honey should never be poured directly into the eyes as it can cause rapid itching and ailments leading to redness in the eye and irritation of the waterline.

Honey must be diluted before it is poured into the eyes drop by drop for which water can be a great choice. The antiseptic properties of honey are retained in this case that can be taken up by the eyes.

Make sure that the water used for diluting honey e is free from pollutants and other duty particles so it is advised to use distilled water for this purpose or if you wish to use tap water, boil it before you combine it with honey.

It reduces the risk of swelling and infections due to the bacteria present in water available for domestic use that can even cause blindness or other permanent damages to the eye.

Prepared Honey drops are also available in the market especially made for changing the colour of the eye.


Preparing honey before pouring it into the eyes

Honey must be prepared in the right manner before it is poured into the eyes to change the colour. The steps for the same are given below-

  • Boiled water that you are using to combine with honey for dilution. It kills the germs and bacteria present in the water that can cause inflammation in the eye leading to diseases swelling itchiness, redness or permanent eye damage.
  • Choose the correct type of honey. The best kind of honey for lightening the eyes is known to be raw beech honeydew honey. You can use any type of honey but make sure that it is free of contaminants as eyes are a sensitive organ that can be damaged by even the tiniest type of carelessness.
  • The distilled water and honey is to be combined in the ratio 1:5, that is, 5 teaspoons of honey in one cup of water.
  • Make sure to combine the components while water is still hot or you can boil them together again. Pour the mixture into the eyes drop by drop only once it is completely cooled.
  • Add 2-3 drops of this mixture to the eyes for two weeks before you start noticing any results.


How does honey change the color of the eye?

Honey is to be diluted by combining it with small amounts of distilled water before it is poured into the eyes. It is known that Honey combines with water to produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide naturally.

Hydrogen peroxide has mild bleaching effects that undergo chemical reactions that can change the colour of the eye with time.

Hydrogen peroxide is formed only when Honey is combined with distilled water and it is for this reason that honey should not be poured directly into the eyes.

It is avoided as this is not effective because of no chemical reaction between the honey water and the natural water of the eyes that can change the colour. It can also cause swelling and irritation when contacted straight to the eyes.

It takes around two weeks of continuous use of honey to notice even the slightest of the results.

If you notice an immediate major change to the eye colour within just one or two weeks of its use you must contact a doctor as it can be a sign of serious eye ailment.



Advantages of using honey for changing the eye color than other methods

Wearing contact lenses for colour of the eyes can increase the risk of vision loss, blurry vision, corneal abrasion or blindness.

It can also have other allergic reactions that are not noticed in the case of use of honey in the eyes.

Honey when diluted with distilled water does not cause redness of eye pain or any kind of discharge from the eyes.

It helps in the prevention of glaucoma that happens as a result of iris implant surgery.

It reduces the risk of cataracts due to the cloudiness of the lens of the eye.

It does not cause uveitis that happens due to eye inflammation and causes redness, pain, or blurred vision.


Properties and benefits of honey for general health

Honey contains calories, fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, vitamins and minerals, bioactive plant components and antioxidants. It does not have any fibre, fat, or protein.

The high quality Honey is rich in organic acids and flavonoids along with other phenolic compounds that gives it the antioxidant power. It is known to increase the antioxidant value of the blood while reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and cancer. It is essentially known to improve eye health.

People suffering from diabetes can consume honey as it is less harmful than sugar. But it must be consumed by minimising the high carb foods.

It helps in maintaining and lowering the blood pressure because of its antioxidant properties. It can also improve the cholesterol levels by increasing the HDL cholesterol.

It helps in the healing of burns and wounds because of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it has that helps in nourishing the damaged tissue.


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Final words

It is completely possible to change the colour of the eye with the help of honey. One only needs to keep in mind the precautions to be taken such as dilution of honey with distilled water that can prevent the cause of any side effects related to the direct use of honey or contaminated water. It is also important to choose the correct type of honey be used for lightening the colour of the eyes.