Are hooded eyes attractive?

Hooded eyelids are a natural facial feature present in some people. It is generally a small flap of extra skin under the eyebrows that gives it a swollen appearance. Hooded eyelids are more commonly recognized as visible genetic traits on the face.
The question that comes in the minds of most people is –

Are hooded eyes attractive?

Yes, hooded eyes are attractive. Although some may not find it attractive, they have their own attractiveness. And not every look is made for everyone and has its own pros and cons, so do the hooded eyes. They do look beautiful on some men and women.


What are hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes are a facial feature that can be seen in many people around us. It is a small flap of extra skin that is present under each eyebrow that makes the eyelids and the upper eye area swollen.

It is just an excess portion of skin. The brow bones have a flap that makes it look hooded.

Hooded eyes are often confused with droopy eyes but both of them are very different. Droopy eyelids are a medical condition in which a person is unable to open their eyes entirely.

Hooded eyelids are a particularly hereditary trait that is just the excess skin under the brow bones. Drooliness can cause impairment inversion while hooded eyes don’t have any such conditions related to them.

Hooded eyes are natural but if you notice that both your eyelids are starting drooling, you must see a doctor and this can be a precursor to the transformation of hooded eyes to droopy eyes.

What causes hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes are way more than what normal people think of as having extra skin under the eyebrows. There are more reasons about what causes hooded eyes.

1. Excess skin

This is the most common reason why eyes appear hooded. People have more skin on the eyelids that it extends upwards due to it the eyes appear hooded.

2. Low eyebrows

It is also a natural feature in some people who have comparatively lower eyebrows. The eyes appear saggy or hooded due to this where extra skin is just on the brow bones.

3. Age-related and improper skin care habits

Eyes can become hooded as a factor of increasing age. Also using highly chemical-based makeup products in too many amounts can make the skin of the eyelids saggy and they become hooded as a result.


How to get rid of hooded eyes naturally?

The area around the eyes is very sensitive and one must be extremely careful while doing anything on or around it whether naturally or chemically.

The methods of getting rid of hooded eyes vary from person to person depending upon the cause of the appearance of hooded eyes.

Some of the methods are given below

1. Hooded eyes are caused due to extra skin

Eyelid tapes available in the market can be worn for some time to get rid of hooded eyes permanently.

Many famous celebrities and YouTubers such as Michelle Phan have used the eyelid tapes, tutorials for which are easily available on YouTube and other social media channels.

The use of these is quite effective in its action.

2. Hooded eyes are caused due to low eyebrows

Eye exercises can get the eyebrows back to their position or in this case, they can lift them up naturally.

With regular exercising of the eye area in a proper manner, the eyelids become visible over time as a result of uplifting.

Many fitness and face care experts can guide you about the exercises and the videos are easily available on YouTube.

3. Hooded eyes are caused as a result of age for improper skincare

Following an anti-aging skincare and diet regime can help in the determination of hooded eyes that occur as a factor of increasing age. One must avoid intake of highly salty foods and improper sleeping habits.

The methods take some time to show their results but one needs to be consistent. Eyelid strips can also be used to lift the hooded eyes.

One must wear sunglasses or sunscreen when out in the sun to prevent the damage caused by UV rays.

If one wants to get rid of hooded eyes in less time, one can go for plastic surgery or Botox.

Advantages of Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes can let you free of the eyeshadow complexities of blending and merging.

There is comparatively less space between the eyebrow bone and the eyelids. It takes less time to apply eye makeup and eyeshadow can go without blending.

People with hooded eyes tend to apply less amount of makeup as with people with normal eyes that decreases the exposure and contact of their skin to chemical-based makeup products.

It is easier to create a voluminous and subtle smokey eye look for the people with hooded eyes as the lead covers up more space that gives the eyes are heavier look.

Disadvantages of hooded eyes

Even the slightest of eye makeup appears like the person with hooded eyes has applied more makeup than required due to the less space between the bone and the eyelids.

Not all eyeliner looks can be created for people with hooded eyes because of less lid space.

People with hooded eyes cannot apply shimmer or any other types of glittery eyeshadows as they make the eyes appear smaller than they actually are.

Final words

Hooded eyes are no doubt attractive but it depends on the choices of a person. There are many beautiful men as well as women with hooded eyes such as the Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra, actress Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Cruise etc.