Are eyelash extensions vegan?

Veganism is getting popular day by day. People following a vegan lifestyle avoid everything that is produced by animals or animal products.

With vegan culture being popular these days, the vegan market is also emerging. If you’re vegan you must be looking for cruelty-free products. After watching this huge trend of getting eyelash extensions I am sure your heart wants it too.

Being a vegan, it is a legit question that –

Is eyelash extension vegan?

There is not a definite answer to this question. Eyelash extensions can be vegan depending on the type of extensions you choose. There are vegan extensions and vegan adhesive available which you can choose from.

Synthetic extensions are vegan extensions. They are cruelty-free extensions. Once applied with vegan adhesive will make it fit for vegans.


Types of eyelash extensions

To know what product is for you, you need to know what type of products are available. Here is a list of the types of extensions available in the market.

Silk lash extensions

Silk lash extensions are available in two types. One which is vegan and one which is not. It depends upon which one you buy. 100% silk lashes are made out of silkworm cocoons by boiling them. These lashes are too expensive and not easily available.

The other silk lash extensions available in the market are made up of synthetic-based fibers. These lashes are a bit heavy but durable. They are extremely soft and porous.

Made of fibers that look exactly like real hair silk extensions look very natural on your eyes. These lashes are very versatile and can be transformed both dramatically and softly.

Mink lash extensions

These lashes are not for vegans at all. The mink industry is extremely cruel. The lashes are made up of glossy mink hair.
Minks are kept in cages for their entire life until they grow fur.

Almost every mink is living for provide fur to humans. The tradition of fur was on the verge of ending. Which was great but soon the makeup industry came up with lash extensions and it got boosted again.

It is better to choose vegan lashes even if you are not vegan for the sake of these poor animals.

Synthetic lash extensions

Synthetic lash extensions are 100% vegan. These lashes are factory-made with polished acrylic material. These are the heaviest of all the lashes. These lashes are great for ones who want to achieve a dramatic look.

They are very durable and so firm that they hold curls beautifully. People having dense and thick natural lashes should go for this one, it suits them the most.

Is adhesive used for lash extension vegan?

Similarly, like extensions, a variety of adhesives are available. Some are cruelly free while some are not.

You need to look for an adhesive that is non-toxic, free of formaldehyde, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Any product which falls under this criterion is probably vegan and safe.

The sad part is the majority of adhesives are tested on animals.

The best way to prevent it is to ask your stylist whether the adhesive is vegan or not?

How to identify Vegan makeup products?

Vegan makeup products are products that are manufactured cruelty-free.

Identify vegan brands

Various brands promote veganism and openly claim it like Jeffree star cosmetics, plum, disguise. Other brands which do not advertise as vegan brands may be fit for vegans.

Identifying vegan products

To identify vegan products the very first step is to look into the company’s policy. If the company claims that they are a vegan or cruelty-free brand then it is pretty clear that they are one.

Look into the ingredients

The second is to look at whether the products are being tested on animals or not. You also have to look at ingredients a makeup is made up from to be fully sure about that.

There are a handful of makeup brands that are vegan so it is not much of an issue. Veganism is increasing at a rapid speed and so is the vegan market which pulls you out of concern

Vegan alternatives are available in the market

Firstly, there are various vegan extensions available in the market with the name “faux lashes” ; the glue that comes along with it is also cruelty-free. Here are a few alternatives available in the market.

1. Vegan mascara

The makeup industry is huge! There are popular brands that claim to be cruelty-free. Choose a mascara from that brand and voila! You can get fuller lashes within seconds.

As mascara is a temporary thing you can change your look more often than

Tip- applying the mascara after curling your lashes makes them fuller and voluminous.

2. Fake lashes

Going for a fake lash that is made up of fiber is a great alternative for extensions. they are cheap, more flexible, and not permanent.

As it’s not permanent you can go according to your mood.

Fake lashes are heavy and that is one of its drawbacks. Well, using it with care is not a bad idea.

3. Grow them naturally

If you do not have trust in any products and believe that they can not be vegan then the only option is to grow them naturally.

Use growth serum daily on your lashes to grow them.

Seek the help of a dermatologist for better guidance.


Final words

It is very hard to say that the whole process of extensions is vegan as a lot of tools and products go onto the method. If you have even 1% of doubt regarding the product being non-vegan you may change your plan.

This article doesn’t claim that your extensions were! 100% vegan as it highly depends upon the salon you go to. It is always better to consult your stylist before going through the process to avoid any misunderstanding.