Are deep set eyes attractive?

Having a less common eye shape attracts the attention of more people. Even celebrities have unique eye shapes that made them famous worldwide. One such eye shape is the deep-set eyes. It is just one eye shape among several others in the world.

A question that comes to the minds of most people is-

Are deep-set eyes attractive?

Yes, deep-set eyes are attractive. They are rare eye shape that looks attractive when the correct amount and type of makeup are applied. Each shape comes with its attractiveness and so do the deep-set eyes.


Finding out whether you have deep-set eyes

If you are confused about whether you or someone has deep-set eyes are not here are some steps you can follow to know the same-

  1. Stand in front of a wide mirror in a way that enough light is falling on you so that you get to see a proper magnified image of yourself.
  2. Identify whether your eyelid has a crease or not. If it is a Monolid, that is, the upper eyelid is smooth you have a normal eye shape.
  3. Now observe the outer corner of the eyes by imagining a horizontal line that extends from the outer corner up to the pupil of the eye. If the line appears above the level of the pupil, the eye has an upturned shape. If the line appears below the level of the pupil, the eye has a downturned shape. Both of these are basic shapes and are quite common.
  4. Close one eye and observe the crease on the eyelid of the other eye. If the crease appears to be hidden under the eyebrow bone of the eyes, you have hooded eyes.
  5. You now have to observe the white part of the eye around the iris. If the white part is visible above and below the iris, your eyes have a round shape. If the white part around the iris is covered by the eyelids, your eyes have an almond shape. Round and almond shapes are also common.
  6. Observe the space across the bridge of your nose. You have to compare this area with the area inside the corner of each eye. If the area appears to be more than the width of the eyes, the eyes are stated to be wide-set. If space is less than the width of the eyes, the eyes are said to be close-set.
  7. If your upper eyelid is short and small and the crease is visible making the white part around the iris less visible, then you have deep-set eyes. These people tend to have large bags or wrinkles under their eyes because of which they seem to be weak, tired or squinted. Very little space is left between the upper eyelashes and the eyebrow bone.


Makeup tips for people with deep-set eyes

1. Using eyeliner

Eyeliner is a thing that gives the most attractiveness to the eyes. Therefore one should be extremely careful of what eyeliner is to be used and how it is to be applied.

The eyeliner must be applied in such a way that the eyes do not appear deeper, instead, it should make them look a bit popped out.

There should be a thin streak of eyeliner on the line of the eyelashes and no type of eyeliner should be applied on the waterline.

2. Hide the natural darkness

Deep-set eyes naturally have darkness around the eyes that seems like the person is tired or wrinkled.

So the first step to good eye makeup is to hide any darkness that is present around the eyes with the help of a concealer.

A concealer with a salmon undertone should be preferred but if the area is extremely dark, go for an orange undertone.

3. Brighten the under eyes

We want the area around the eyes to be pushed in front that looks dug because of the deep-set eye shape.

For this, pick a concealer of a shade lighter than the tone of your Foundation and apply it under the eyes and towards the inner corner of the eyes.

This would brighten the under eyes and enhance the natural deep-set shape of the eyes.

4. Hide the larger crease

Deep-set eyes tend to have a large crease that needs to be done before the application of an eye shadow.

If eyeshadow is applied on Deep-set eyes without hiding the crease, they make the eyes appear downturned.

Use preferably light brown shade or similar and blend it with left and right motions using a fluffy brush.

Apply it over the crease and when you feel that enough has been applied, move it towards the outer corner of the eye.

5. Make the right areas appear deep

When a fake crease has been made, it is important to blend it well even deeper using a shade darker than the one previously used. Do not apply in the dark shades towards the inner corners of the eye.

Apply this shade with the help of a pencil brush in the middle of the fake crease created with the lighter shade. Blend both the shades well with the help of a small blending brush in the upper direction.

When you feel that enough blending has been done, move it straight towards the outer corners of the eye. Leave enough space between the eyebrows and eyeshadow.

6. Use light shades of eyeshadow

Lighter shades will make the deep-set eyes appear full and luminous.

They would bring enough light so that the eyes appear comparatively bigger and prominent.


Video showing how beautiful are hooded eyes


Final words

Many famous personalities such as Taylor Swift and Cameron Dias have deep-set eyes. Deep-set eyes do stand out among others and they embrace the appearance of a person. Just the correct type of makeup is required to totally ace the look.