Are blonde eyelashes rare?

Since most of the population has dark jet-black lashes, having blond eyelashes may seem like a rare occurrence as they are less frequent. However, it is, in fact, common amongst people with natural blond hair and redheads.

Are blonde eyelashes rare?

Blond eyelashes are rare for people with dark colored hair, but it isn’t for natural blonde and redheads. Research has shown that only 2% of the world population has natural blond hair, so it isn’t unusual to think this type of lashes is rare. 

Besides, some natural blonds also have darker lashes. However, no dark hair person can have natural light lashes.

Blond eyelashes can become difficult to notice if you haven’t worn mascara as they blend in with the skin and thus look invisible.

It can also make your eyes appear smaller for people with light-colored lashes as only the eyelids look visible and not the lashes.

Due to this invisibility, one’s eye may also look puffy as the black lashes bring a structure and frame to the eyes.

Why are my eyelashes blonde?

The genetics of an individual and their heritage can be the reason behind having blond eyelashes.

The color of a person’s hair and their eyelashes and eyebrows depends upon the amount of melanin present in the hair.

Having natural blond hair doesn’t always mean you’ll have blond eyelashes, but it is true in most cases.

Plus, your eyelashes can also turn blond as you start to age.


Blond eyelashes styling guide

For light-lashed people, follow these below styling suggestions to make your barely-there lashes more voluminous and visible.

Fill in the eyelash gap

To fill in the gaps between your eyelashes is a great way to make the lash line appear thicker.

To achieve this look, pick up a thin brush and swipe it across a dark brown or black eyeliner.

Then, use it to fill between the lashes.

This technique will also help to make your lashes defined.

You can also choose to use a gel liner or a pencil liner to directly apply to your lids.

However, if you want to wear liner on your lids, take a Q tip and use it to remove the eyeliner from your lids. In this way, the product will only remain in the gaps of your eyelashes, giving it a more subtle look.

Apply mascara in a zig-zag technique

Mascara will help the lashes to make it look super voluminous.

But, it’s important to coat every single eyelash from the root to the tip to avoid any awkward gaps. For this, the zig-zig technique is the best.

Simply jiggle the mascara at the eyelash root and then swipe it to the tip of the lash.

Choose a mascara that comes with labels such as voluminous or lengthening. Many of these are available at an affordable price point.

Use a heated eyelash curler

Using a heated eyelash curler is a great trick to curl your lashes naturally to make them look more visible.

Opt for a high-quality curler as the cheaper ones cannot curl well and then hold on to it for a long time.

To accomplish the technique, take your curler and then use a blow dryer on it to heat it up.

Use the high temperature of the dryer and keep blowing on it for about 30 seconds.

Then, without touching the lid, use the curler on your lashes to make them look more enhanced.

However, be careful that it is not too hot, or else it can burn your skin.

Get an eyelash tinting

If the everyday hassle of coating too many layers of mascara and curling lashes becomes too overwhelming for you, opt for eyelash tinting.

It uses dye to intensify and darken your lighten lashes to give them more definition and make them look natural.

Plus, it will make the lashes thicker, and unlike mascara, the dye will last for a long time.

On average, it stays for a month, but over time, the dark color soon starts to fade away. Also, it takes about 40 minutes to complete the tinting process. It’s a fantastic semi-permanent solution.

Use a gentle makeup remover

If you want to keep the lashes looking thicker, you need to first protect and preserve the existing ones.

This is why taking off the mascara at the end of every day is essential, even though it is one of the stubborn makeup products to remove.

If the mascara remains, it has a higher chance of clogging the lash follicles.

Apply a gentle makeup remover to wipe off the mascara, such as an oil-based cleanser. The harsh ones can ruin your lashes and make it fall off.

Go natural

Having lighter lashes doesn’t mean you always have to paint it black.

Flaunt your natural blond lashes using clear mascara to separate the lashes from each other and make them more defined.