7 Yoga poses to Flat your Tummy and Reduce Body Fat

7 Yoga poses to Flat your Tummy and Reduce Body Fat

Hey there, hope you guys are doing well and enjoying life to the fullest. Today I thought of writing a similar topic post on same as for belly fat reduction “7 Yoga Weight Loss Pose”. Since I want you guys to never miss anything related to belly fat reduction fast and healthy.

To get a flat belly is always a dream for all. Most of the population in the world nowadays have been gaining tummies or fat easily. This is due to improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle or laziness. To tackle these health issues one should be quite determined to see any effect in there near future.

These excessive fat could result in many health issues if not taken care of. To get rid of them one should undergo some dietary plan plus some physical activities too. It’s too hard to see yourself in these situation where you won’t feel confident of yourself. From inner you, one always dream of normal body. But the truth is you may be learn this in hard way sometimes. Never mind these, if you are determined enough to focus and achieve your goal you can do it within a specified period of time

What you should do is to start planning a schedule for your daily nutrient intake and schedule yourself for an exercise session daily. Many people don’t like to get sweaty, but remember one thing, if you are not sweating enough and you are one who use to spend most of your time in AC office. You should start getting some sweaty pants daily. Because if you don’t sweat, then toxic substances could not wash off from your body. Plus it is also helpful for skin to make it smooth and healthy. Changing the lifestyle is only the answer over here.

First thing first, I will not write anything false of getting or reducing belly fat within 1 week or 2 week. Because you yourself is quite intelligent, It’s not possible to reduce all your belly fat within weeks. You should give at-least 3-4 weeks to see any difference in your body. To be true, you need to be patient enough to get full benefit from these activities.

Once you wake up in morning. First thing you have to do is to make your belly clean. To do so you can drink a glass of lukewarm water. This will help you detoxify all waste from your body.


Before doing any exercise even yoga, you should always start it with a warm up exercise.

To do this, you can start doing jogging staying in same place. What this will do is , it will make your body muscles ready for upcoming exercises.


NOTE : Practise following yoga poses in the given sequential manner to get most out of it.

4 Asanas while standing

Trikaya Tadasana (Mountain Pose) Yoga Weight Loss Pose

  • Stand straight on your feet so that your both feet is aligned in straight line to your shoulders.
  • While breathing in, interlace your fingers and slowly raise your both hands and put them onto your head with fingers of both hands interlaced together.
  • Raise your both hands with interlocked fingers, so that your palm face upwards above your head.
  • Breathing out, stretch your hands while maintaining the alignment of the body along the line of spine.
  • Bend your body to right side at the hip, stretching as far as possible.
  • Slowly come back to straight position.
  • Then bend to other side.
  • Do it slowly for one to two times then start doing at a faster rate.


Note: While bending on sideways, don’t bend your knees.

How much time you should practice?

You can practice it for 5 minutes initially or 10-20 times as a beginners. Start increasing this when you get use to this.

  • Helps to reduce side fat around the waist or love handles.
  • Makes waist muscles strong.
Who should not practice this?

People with back problems and circulatory disorders should not attempt this asana without first consulting a physician.

Trikonsana (Triangle pose) Yoga Weight Loss Pose

  • Stand straight and separate your feet wide apart-about 3-4 feet.
  • Raise your right hand straight up.
  • Breathing in,bend on your left side with your left hand straight touching your left legs meanwhile your right hand straight upwards facing the sky.
  • Breathing out, return to your initial position.
  • Repeat same for the other side too.


Note : Try not to bend your knees when your bend sideways.

How much time you should practise?

Try to do at-least 10-20 times as a beginner and start increasing it as you get into amateur level.

  • Makes your waist strong
  • Reduces fat around your waist.
  • Helps in reducing weight
Who should avoid this?

People with back issue or back injuries should avoid this.

Konasana (Angle pose) Yoga Weight Loss Pose

  • Stand straight, now put your legs apart so that your feet is 3-4 feets apart.
  • Now with your right hand while breathing out touch your left feet.
  • Breathe in and return to your initial position.
  • Again breathing out, with your left hand touch your right feet.

Note: Don’t bend your knees while practising.

How much time you should do this?

Repeat this up to 15-20 times as a beginner and increase it once your become amateur.

Who should avoid this?

People with back problem should avoid this.

Padhastasana (Hand under foot) Yoga Weight Loss Pose

  • Stand straight with your body relaxed.
  • Raise your hands stretched upward slowly and exhale and bend forward at your waist.
  • bend till your hand touches your toes and chin comes in contact with knees.
  • Slide fingers under your feet and be in same position for 4-5 seconds.
  • exhale and move upwards to your initial position.

7 Yoga poses to Flat your Tummy and Reduce Body Fat

Note : While bending forward try not to bend your knees. If you are not able to touch your knees initially try as much you can. Do not stretch yourself a lot.

How much time you should practise it?

One should practise it for at-least 5-10 minutes or 10-20 cycles.

  • Improves balance and body posture.
  • Helps in decreasing fat around the waist.
  • Increases flexibility and make your ligaments strong.
Who should avoid this?

People suffering from heart disease should avoid this.

3 Asanas while sitting

Chakki Chalasana(Churning Mill) Yoga Weight Loss Pose

In simple meaning ‘Chakki means’ grinding and ‘Chalasana’ means driving. So you can say it’s kind of  grinding while driving-jokes apart. Let’s start.

  • Sit on the floor with your both legs straight in front of your body so that your kneed touches each other.
  • Now interlock finger of your both hands and hold your arms out straight in front of your chest.
  • After that keep your arms straight horizontal during grinding, so that your elbows don’t bend.
  • Now bend forward without straining assuming that you are churning the mill with old fashioned stoned grinder.
  • Pivot(rotate) to the right so that your hand goes over the right toes as far.
  • Start churning back as much you can on the backward rotation.
  • Do this with other side rotation too.

Note: T/y not to bend your knees during making a grinder rotation.

How much time your should practise ?

You can do it for 5-10 minutes or 20-30 cycles of rotation.

  • Helps in toning of nerves and organs of abdomen and pelvis
  • Helps in regulating the menstrual cycle.
  • Reduce fat around waist and abdomen area.
Who should avoid this?

People with back surgery or back pain should avoid this.

Paschimottasana Yoga Weight Loss Pose

  • Sit on the floor while both legs stretched forward such that it points in-front your body.
  • Raise your both hands upward while inhaling such that they touches each other.
  • Exhale and stretch your both and try to touch your toe, stretch as much as you can.
  • Now inhale and come to initial position.
  • Repeat same steps for 20-30 cycles.

Note: Don’t try to stretch beyond your strength. Stretch as much you can.

How much time you should practise it?

You should go for at-least 20-30 cycles at once

  • Increases flexibility of hip muscles.
  • Strengthen your lower back.
  • Decreases fat from lower abdominal area.
Who should avoid this?

One who has underwent back surgery or one who has back pain issues should not try this. For back pain relief you can read our post 5 MOST EFFECTIVE YOGA POSES FOR BACK PAIN here .

Bicycle Yoga Weight Loss Pose

This is one of the easiest yoga pose that any one can do. This is called bicycle yoga since for this you have move  your legs in such a way as if you are driving a bicycle.

  • Lay down on the ground on your back.
  • Put your both legs apart from each other such that they are 2-4 feet apart.
  • Position your both hands beside your body, with palm facing downwards.
  • Now slowly raise your both legs together such that hip is away from ground.
  • Now start rotating your legs as if your are riding a bicycle in a circular manner.
  • Do this while breathing normally.
How much time your should practise?

You can do it for at-least 30-50 times daily to get good result.

  • Strengthen your hip muscles and knee area.
  • Helps to cut off excess fat from abdominal area.
  • Makes your core strong.
Who should avoid this?

People with recent surgery  and high blood pressure should avoid this.  Since this will make your body exhaust.

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